Samsung Gear VR Headset Gets a Facelift alongside new Galaxy Note 7

All New Samsung Gear VR

new Samsung Gear VR headset

Samsung announced a new and improved version of its Virtual Reality headset, the Samsung Gear VR today alongside its new flagship Galaxy Note device – the new Galaxy Note 7.

The new Samsung Gear VR Headset includes a new touchpad, support for USB Type-C smartphones and a wider field of view. The amazing thing is that Samsung is not going to charge more for its new Gear VR and it will still cost $99.

According to Samsung, the new Samsung Gear VR is available for pre-order starting from tomorrow and will go on sale on August 19th.

First Look At The New Samsung Gear VR

Talking about the new Gear VR, Samsung has improved it a lot and visually it looks a lot different than the previous version of Gear VR. The addition of the USB Type-C compatibility is because the new Galaxy Note 7 also features USB Type-C connectivity.

Although for people who own an older Samsung smartphone and want to try the new Gear VR with Samsung Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7 or even Galaxy Note 5, Samsung has included a micro-USB connector with the new Gear VR as well.

New Samsung Gear VR Design

The new Gear VR now has a dark-blueish finish, more like a black shade, ditching the previous all-white look of the old Gear VR headset. The inside of the new Gear VR headset is also painted with the same color as outside.

According to Samsung, the reason behind this is the customers who complained that the white interior of the old Samsung Gear VR ruined their VR Experience as it reflected the light coming out of the lenses. Other users reported focus issue with old Gear VR.

Samsung also improved the field of view on the new Gear VR which now has a 101-degree FOV compared to the 96-degrees on old Gear VR headset.

Galaxy Note 7

Let’s take a brief look at the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Majority of the Galaxy Note 7 specs resembles with the Galaxy S7 series smartphones. Few differences in the Galaxy Note 7 includes new iris scanner along with fingerprint scanner as well. The new Galaxy Note 7 iris scanner allows you to unlock your Note 7 with your eyes. According to Samsung, this new iris scanner is more secure than fingerprint scanner.

Another noticeable design change is the introduction of dual-curved display screen which is first of its kind for a Note series device. Samsung claims that this dual-curved screen made the new Note 7 2.2mm narrower than Note 5. Though this might seem a very minute figure but for some people with small hands, this can make a lot of difference.

Galaxy Note 7 specs
Galaxy Note 7 specs

Galaxy Note 7 screen size remains the same as Note 5 but the battery capacity has been increased from 3,000mAh to 3,500mAh.

Note 7 will start shipping with Android 6.0 Marshmallow but Samsung said that it plans to upgrade it on the new Android 7.0 Nougat.

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