Fruit Ninja VR in the works

fruit ninja VR

Halfbrick Studios announced that they are working on developing a virtual Reality equipped version of their classic game, Fruit Ninja.

According to the company’s website, Fruit Ninja VR will be released soon for the facebook-owned VR headset Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive VR headset. According to some reports by the popular gaming website, IGN, the classic ninja action game may also be headed for the PlayStation VR and Daydream. There are also rumors that it will be available on Sony and Google’s VR platforms when they launch this fall.

The game looks pretty similar to the original Fruit Ninja, but instead of swiping with your fingers you’re wielding a pair of virtual swords. That means you’ll need a pair of motion-tracking controllers to get the full experience. There are also three different modes to choose from: Classic, Arcade and Zen.

Fruit Ninja is actually in the midst of a small renaissance. Rumor has it the studio is also working on a live-action comedy film based on the game, which sounds totally unnecessary and ridiculous. A virtual reality version seems like a much better alternative and we can’t wait to try slashing some fruit in VR once it’s released.

If you’re skeptical of how the game play would work in VR, check out the game demo the company recently released.

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