How to Make 360-degree Videos for Virtual Reality

Shoot 360-degree Video

As recently as 2015, we didn’t have 360-degree video support on YouTube and 360-degree cameras were still in development. This year, 2016, has been a huge leap for virtual reality technology with the launch of consumer editions of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and also many 360-degree cameras to shoot video for virtual reality and support for 360-degree video on YouTube as well for virtual reality. Viewing 360-degree videos in virtual reality delivers a whole new perspective. If you want to create 360-degree videos, here is how to make 360-degree video for virtual reality:


Learn to Make 360-degree Videos for Virtual Reality


Step 1: Select a Camera and Shoot 360-degree Video

Before you shoot a 360-degree video for virtual reality, you will need a camera that is compatible to shoot that video for you. If you have a camera that can shoot 360-degree video, then you can skip selecting your camera. Otherwise here are some cameras that can shoot 360-degree video, if you haven’t bought a camera yet:

  • Kodak PIXPRO SP360
  • GoPro Cameras with Freedom360 Mount
  • Samsung Gear 360
  • Richo Theta S
  • 360Fly
  • Bublcam

When you get your camera, set it up where ever you want and start making your video. For custom 360-degree camera rigs, you will ned to shoot video at 1440p and 60 frames per second to get the best quality for every video each individual camera makes.

GoPro Cameras with Freedom360 Mount

Your video will be stored on the storage of the camera and you can transfer it to your computer or Samsung S7 or S7 Edge in case of the Gear 360. Your 360-degree video is not ready yet, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Stitch and Edit Your 360-degree Video

In this step, you will stitch and edit the video you made in the previous step. Note that you need to combine or stitch the video, which was made using each camera on your 360-degree camera rig, so that it is viewable as a video for virtual reality. The best software for stitching and editing your 360-degree video is Kolor Autopano Video and you should have this installed on your computer.

Kolor Autopano Video Software
  1. Connect your camera to your computer to transfer the videos you recorded before.
  2. Import the videos to Kolor Autopano Video.
  3. Synchronize all videos according to your desired settings.
  4. You will need to synchronize each interval of your video wherever it is required.
  5. Once you are done stitching and editing your video, save it on your computer.

If you want to know more about using Kolor Autopano, make sure you watch their YouTube video for more information about stitching and editing 360-degree video for virtual reality.

After following the above steps, you are upload and share your 360-degree video.

Step 3: Upload and Share Your 360-degree Video

Once you have stitched and edited your 360-degree video, you can upload it to YouTube or GoPro’s website to share it with your friends and family. The Kolor Autopano software supports uploading your 360-degree video to YouTube and GoPro’s website, but if you used some other software to stitch your video, you should use this method for uploading your 360-degree video to YouTube:

  1. Download the metadata app for 360-degree video through these links: Mac or Windows
  2. Unzip the file you downloaded in Step 1 and open the 360 Video Metadata app.
  3. In the app, select the 360-video you want to upload to YouTube.
  4. Select the spherical and 3D Top-bottom checkboxes.
  5. Enter a name for the file that will be created through this app.
  6. Click on Save and a new 360-degree video file will be created in the same location as the original file automatically.
  7. Go to your YouTube channel.
  8. Upload the new video just like how you would upload any other video on YouTube.
  9. Share your 360-degree video for virtual reality.

Though making, stitching and editing your 360-degree video may take some time, we now have easy access to the tech that makes production of such videos possible. This was how to create 360-degree video for virtual reality for those who are new to making 360-degree videos. If you are an adventurer or like to go to events like concerts, creating and sharing 360-degree videos is the best way to share you adventures and view them in virtual reality.

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