Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes VR Game Review

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes VR Game Review

Bombs in video games are usually straightforward. You just have to press the “Use” button and a defusing line goes by and the bomb is defused. But think if you were actually disarming a bomb like a bomb defusing squad does. A simple error and BOOM you are dead. Keep talking and nobody explodes VR game puts gamer life on the line(inside the game!). Instead of simple straightforward of a button, this game puts the player in deep pressure and creates an illusion of an actual bomb defusal scenario where you have to sit down, examine an active, time-loaded bomb and stop it from blowing up with the help of your partner.

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes Review

Bomb Defuse-VR Experience

Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes VR Game immerse players in high intensity and pressurize virtual reality where the player is submerged on bomb-defusal duty. The game requires two players to defuse the bomb, one of the player has the manual to help the other and guide him in the process of defusing the bomb. But the tricky part is the player with the manual can’t see what actually happening.

It’s just like you’re on the phone with bomb-defusal squad who can help you understand the basics of defusing a bomb. The other player is merged in the bitter virtual reality of defusing a time ticking bomb while trapped in a room with nowhere else to go. So, you have to talk out fast from your manual friend before the time runs out.

A great feature of the game is that it test the limits of your communication skills and provide a different bomb to defuse every single time. Like any bomb, this too has a detonate timer and so you have to think carefully of different strategies without wasting time. It can also be played casually, for a fun get-together with non-serious friends. The game also have a local multiplayer option which provide a great VR experience with all your friends at the same time.

Bomb Manual

Players can’t begin the game without having a copy of the official bomb manual. It’s one of the important things to play the Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes VR Game. The manual comes up with a confirmation code in order to ensure that players have the correct version of the bomb defusal manual. It is recommended to print out a hard copy of the manual to enjoy the fullest as it becomes easy to switch pages rather than scrolling down on a screen on a portable PC or tablet screen.

Bomb Manual - Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The manual semi-convoluted instructions for different modules makes the game fun and interesting. A module will have anywhere from 3 to 6 randomly generated colored wires. A module evolves around many relational questions like, “number of different colored wires?” “Do the bomb has a serial number?”

Considering these factors, it is the manual reader duty to plot and illusion in mind along the way and figure out which wire to cut, or which buttons to press before conveying to the other person holding the bomb in VR. The developers did provide a life-line through incorrect actions termed as “strikes” before the bomb explodes or before the timer runs out.


  • One of the best challenging game that has a two-screen gaming concept
  • Tests your conceptual skills to the limit with interesting puzzles
  • Great game to party along with friends and family with simple bomb design and a satisfying visual feedback.


  • A module once mastered becomes easy to solve.
  • May impact your relationship if you are playing it with your loved one


A must buy for all type of gamers (including non-gamers) out there. It’s not like any other type of game that you would play. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes offers a unique horror VR Experience to players which has never been provided before. PC/Mac version can be bought from steam at only $14.99.

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