Sony launches the PlayStation VR


At the end of every E3, there’s considerable debate about who ‘won’ the expo, the main contenders of which are usually Sony and Microsoft with their console based rivalries.

In the previous years, picking the champ of the expo was usually quite a job with a wide difference in opinion between Xbox fanboys rooting for Microsoft and the PS heads going all out explaining the superiority of the PlayStation and its titles; a divide that still remains on which platform dominates all.

This year, however, there is little debate as to who stole the stage at the E3. After the day’s rather awkward start, Sony’s conference was a clear-cut breath of fresh air, letting the games speak for themselves as the PlayStation VR was finally shifted into the spotlight.

As speculated in some of the previous articles, virtual reality indeed took center stage at E3 2016 as Sony launched its PlayStation VR headset, and announced the line of new VR ready games that come with it.

PlayStation VR will go on sale in the US on October 13

The VR headset will be available for purchase to the public starting October 13th at a price of $399 (Rs. 41,800). Sony also announced that more than 50 VR ready titles will also be available for the PS4 (and its new PS Neo console) by the end of 2016. These include VR ready versions of “Final Fantasy,” “Star Wars,” “Batman Arkham” and “Resident Evil” amongst many other exclusive titles.

“Sony’s lineup for its PS VR is looking as solid as we have hoped with big titles,” said Amir Anvarzadeh, BGC Partners’ head of Japan equities.

Rivals of PlayStation VR, including Facebook’s Oculus Rift and HTC’s Vive, are already on the market. But analysts say Sony would be a front-runner when its device is launched as it has a significantly lower price tag. The announcement Monday strengthened the view, analysts say, as Rift and Vive haven’t produced any blockbuster hits among hard-core videogame fans.

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