Valve teases new Virtual Reality Software


With the smartphone and tablet market close to reaching saturation, hardware and software companies alike have started to look towards other platforms for their products. With sales of smartphones slowing down and the smartwatch industry not showing enough momentum, vendors have started looking towards Virtual Reality as the next big thing.

Google kick-started the virtual reality arms race by introducing its revolutionary and low cost VR headset, Google Cardboard, two years ago, and very recently turned the  market on its head by announcing its very own VR Platform – Project Tango.

Not wanting to be left behind, Valve has announced today that its developing its very own virtual reality and animation modeling software, or more explicitly, called Destinations Workshop Tools for VR.

According to the software’s description on Steam,

“Destinations Workshop Tools is a VR content creation package that enables the creation and sharing of both real and imaginary worlds on the Steam Workshop.”

As of today, the software is available for download for free at its store, but be warned that it is still in its Early Access Form, so there’ll be quite a few bugs present.

Nevertheless, it’s free to download and use and is available for developers who want to start experimenting and designing their own VR ready environment and apps.

Apparently, the company wants to involve the community and get new ideas for its modeling software.

“Early Access is a great way to get our community involved. While we continue to build out the features and worlds of Destinations, we are releasing a set of creation tools, sample worlds, and documentation for the creators of our community.

Destinations is about exploring and sharing real and imaginary worlds – we can’t wait to see the worlds our community will create.”

You can download a copy of the Destinations Workshop Tools from Valve’s Steam Shop.

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