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  • Best External Hard Drive for Mac in 2017

    Best External Hard Drive For Mac in 2017

    In most cases, your MacBook or iMac will have an internal storage of 512GB or 1TB. While this may be enough for most people and students, if you are a professional or content creator, the storage offered may be extremely limiting and will require you to invest in external hard drives to store extra data […]

  • Best Earbuds Under $100 in 2017

    While there is no denying that the audio quality of headphones in most cases can be better than those of earphones/earbuds, just the fact that a typical headphone looks so big and not really something you can easily carry around with your smartphone means a lot of people tend to prefer earbuds for their daily […]

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  • How To Fix "This App Can't Open" Error on Windows 10

    How To Fix “This App Can’t Open” Error On Windows 10

    Windows 10 has had an error for more than a year now with no permanent fix from Microsoft. The error, which manifests in the form of an “This App can’t open” message seems to only affect the Windows Store apps and even from those, mostly the basic function ones like Mail, Calendar, Photos and even […]

  • Sony Xperia Touch Projector

    Sony Launches Xperia Touch Projector To Deliver An Interactive Touch Experience On Surfaces

    Originally unveiled at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Sony is finally launching its highly anticipated Xperia Touch projector to general market, albeit with a hefty price tag of $1700. However, given the feature which the Xperia Touch projector delivers, the price might actually be justified. As the name suggests, the projector projects a […]

  • Oculus Go VR headset

    Oculus Announces Standalone Oculus Go VR Headset

    So far, the price has been a huge hurdle when it comes to jumping aboard the VR hype train but it seems like Oculus may have found a fix for that as the company recently announced a new VR headset, the Oculus Go, releasing early next year. Oculus Go is the first standalone headset from […]

  • Best USB Type C to USB A cables

    Best USB Type C to USB A Cables

    While more and more devices might have started adopting the USB type C standard, not every company or even the consumer is fully onboard and are still using the old USB A types. If you have an older device with a USB type A 2.0 or 3.0 connector and are tired of trying to figure […]

  • HTC Vive controller repair

    How To – HTC Vive Controller Repair

    While the HTC Vive controllers aren’t exactly fragile and can take a bit of bump, after all, they are meant for motion gaming, sometimes if you hit your HTC Vive controller a bit too hard against a table or a wall by accident, the controller’s tracking sensor or haptic feedback can get damaged. Before dropping […]

  • Google Pixel vs Google Pixel 2 – Is It Worth The Upgrade?

    As we mentioned in our breakdown of Google Pixel Event, the tech giant finally unveiled its two new smartphone devices for Android users and just like last year, the new members of the Pixel smartphone family are mostly similar to each other with only minor changes. But how exactly do these new Pixel devices fair […]

  • How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

    How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

    Over time, all technology starts to become obsolete and in the case of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops, this appears in the form of your device slowing down. Apple’s iPad 2 is no exception to that and those who are still using the iPad 2 tablet must have been experiencing slowdowns for quite some […]

  • Intel Core i5 8400 Review

    Intel Core i5 8400 Review – Best Gaming Processor In A Budget

    We originally touched upon the features and capabilities of Intel’s 8th generation desktop processors and how the 8th generation Coffee Lake series was the biggest shakeup of Intel’s lineup in years thanks to the increased core-count and 35% boost in performance. Now that the new processor family is finally here, we have a review of […]

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