10 Most Notable Companies Working on Virtual Reality Apps

Companies working on Virtual Reality Apps for various platforms

Google Cardboard VR

There are many companies working on Virtual Reality Apps for various platforms. However, there are notable companies working on Virtual Reality apps that have gained a lot reputation and their research has far exceeded than many other companies working on VR apps.

Ever since the arrival of developer preview versions of the Oculus Rift, many companies have focused on innovating new ideas in the field of virtual reality even at the time where virtual reality was not available to the majority of the public.

We can say that Google, in one way, has started affordable mobile VR, but there are a lot of companies which are bringing innovative virtual reality apps and games for which they have been working for a while now. Since there have been a lot of companies developing virtual reality apps and games, the number of these apps and games is very big even at the release of the awaited VR headsets namely the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

In this article, we tell you about the 10 most notable companies working on virtual reality apps and games.

Most Notable Names Working on Virtual Reality Applications

10. Virtually Live

Virtually Live VR Company
Virtually Live VR Company

Virtually Live is developing a very different sort of virtual reality app which is aimed at sports and sports entertainment. Imagine that you couldn’t get to watch a football match at your nearest stadium, you can watch it on your TV but the experience is not the same as watching it in person.

Virtually Live’s virtual reality app aims to provide the experience of a real sports match or event right on your VR headset at your home. You will be able to watch a match in real-time in any perspective you like.

According to Virtually Live’s website, they use 3D tracking of the event that is happening to capture the action and then create a virtual environment. Currently, this app is in development but it will be available soon for the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Samsung Gear VR.

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