10 Reasons Why iPhone SE is Better than iPhone 6S


Apple is known for their excellent products,especially for the iPhone lineup. We all are aware of 2 variants iPhone comes in the normal and the plus variant. Apple also introduced 5c back then which went flop,but Apple continued this year again and introduced a budget iPhone known as iPhone SE.

The Phone similar to 6S in specs and other factors as well,but does it really have that potential to become a considerable phone in comparison to 6S. In this article, we will be discussing top 10 reasons to consider iPhone SE instead of iPhone 6S.

Why iPhone SE is better than iPhone 6S


10.It’s Handy

Instead of the bigger screens in the new phones these days, people still prefer smaller phones for easier one handed operation. 4.7-inch iPhone 6S is too big for the palm of hands of few people. People with smaller hands prefered the smaller sized iPhone. So, iPhone SE is the best upgrade for such people.

9.It’s a Worthy Upgrade from iPhone 5S or older iPhone model

iPhone SE has the same specs as 6S, but with a lower price point. iPhone SE is a better upgrade for those still on 5s or below as it features the same power inside the 6S. The design is also one of the best ones.

8.Price Point

Apple doesn’t go for cheaper products, but this time, it’s all changed. We are now seeing a powerful new iPhone in the shape of iPhone SE with a nice design overall. $399 is perfect price for those looking for a cheaper iPhone with some powerful hardware.

7.Save money for iPhone 7

As we all know iPhone 7 is around the corner and will be announced in September this year. Sparing out for iPhone 6S is useless instead you can get SE for a relatively cheaper price with the same hardware inside. The only trade-off that you will have to do is the screen size. So, if you want to move from your old iPhone, go for the iPhone SE and save money for the upcoming iPhone 7

6.It has Everything You Need

From Touch ID to Apple Pay, you got everything covered. You will get everything you expect from iPhone 6S in the iPhone SE as well. But the fingerprint sensor hardware is from the 5S. There is no 3D touch in this phone, but both of these are ignorable for the price you paid for it.


The design of the phone is solid and premium unlike the 5C. The phone is 22% lighter than iPhone 6S,so it’s another reason to consider 6S. The design is made up of aluminium just like 6S.


4.Battery Life

The battery life always one of the most considering point in a phone. Due to small 4 inch size factor of the iPhone SE, it puts less load on the battery to power the screen so it lasts longer than iPhone 6S.


The camera on the iPhone SE features a 12MP rear and 1.2MP front. The 12 MP camera is really nice and shoots 4k as well. The front is old gen but still capable of getting some nice shots. This kind of camera is one of the most eye-catching parts of such a budget price phone. It compares pretty well with all the budget phones within its range.

2.Longer iOS support

We all know iOS life cycle is long-term. iPhone SE will last as long as iPhone 6S so spending extra $260 would be useless if you’re getting the exact same performance with some better battery life.


iPhone SE is totally identical to iPhone 6S in specs and hardware with just a few minor and ignorable factors. So spending extra is pretty useless as next iPhone is around the corner and rumors have started speculating as well.

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