Affected VR Game Review

Affected is a VR horror game with an immersive VR experience

Affected VR Game

Affected is a VR horror game with an immersive VR experience, providing jump scares, the sick feeling of being alone surrounded by death traps and the unmatched constant levels of fear. The game offers three different levels of nightmares and the only way to pass through them is to survive each level while enduring the death traps, jump scares and the environment.

Affected is developed by the Fallen Planet Studious, supporting Oculus Rift and powered by Unity 3d. The game has received more than 100 million views on YouTube and more than 80000 downloads, gaining a keen interest from every corner of the world.

Affected VR Experience

Affected is truly a horrifying experience in VR, playing it on Oculus Rift is a feat of its own. The game’s background sound is scary enough to provide players with jump scares and high beating pulse.

Once the game is launched, it provides 3 different levels to play through – The Manor, The Hospital and The Carnival, with each level providing more intense and horrifying experience. As you progress with each level, players will notice themselves becoming immerse in fear.


Each level provides a darker environment with only a flash light to view the surroundings and the lighting effects produced through various lights spread throughout the scene. The developers have focused well on the timing of the lighting effects with jump scare sounds and the game graphics are quite polished for a great horrific virtual reality experience.

Affected The Manor
Affected The Manor

There is an entity haunting the place and the player have to survive and pass the levels before giving in to the fear. The game is quite linear and the player have to cross through different corridors while moving forward to their final destination. The background sound is scarier than most games and there were times when you get a gut feeling that someone is standing right behind you although no one is there. On some occasion, the player can’t move backwards as the entity has closed the door behind and moving forward is the only option remaining.

Glimpse of the horror

One of the horrific experience encountered during the gameplay was during The Manor level, when at a certain point as the player walks in a dark large room and suddenly all the furniture and objects including the grand piano lifts off from the ground. The scene is perfectly well done by the developers and it gets so intense in VR that it makes you want to turn around and run back.


The game is overall designed very well but during the gameplay the background sound clips frequently repeats itself and so it feels quite strange that the developers failed to include a list of sound clips, but this issue is hardly noticeable as the game keeps the player mesmerized.


  • Great graphics & animation
  • Tense and well-built atmosphere
  • Good jump scares


  • Linear gameplay
  • Repetitive sound clips


The game is a must to get if you own Oculus rift and with upcoming CV1 update, it will intensify the horror experience even more. The Oculus Rift provides a well-designed experience with polished visuals and great quality graphics. Affected scores 5 out 5 in our VR horror gaming experience while playing with the Oculus rift.

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