New Android Oreo Bug Incurs Heavy Internet Costs By Using Mobile Data

Android Oreo bug

While Google has officially unveiled their next Android OS, Android Oreo, and even started rolling it out to some of their devices like the Pixel smartphone, it seems like one pretty significant Android Oreo bug might have made its way through internal testing as users are reporting the WiFi connection has a serious bug in it.

All smartphones can be connected to the internet either through WiFi or through mobile data, which uses the local mobile carrier’s connection to provide internet at a cost. Typically, when the WiFi is enabled on a phone, the mobile data connection is disabled so that user doesn’t have to pay extra charges.

For those with unlimited data plans, it doesn’t really matter what they use but Android users with limited mobile data will have a hard time with this Android Oreo bug. According to reports, despite turning on WiFi, the devices currently running on Android 8.0 continue to use mobile data. This resulted in many unsuspecting users incurring heavy costs on their mobile data plans and some even ended up using their entire monthly quotas.

A whole Reddit thread has been dedicated to angry users who were affected by this Android Oreo bug and are demanding a fix from Google. Google has however confirmed that they are aware of the issue and are working on deploying a fix for it as soon as possible. While the fix won’t reimburse the users, it is still a start and will save others from facing similar problems.

In the mean-time, it is best to first manually disable Mobile Data from your smartphone settings and then turn on WiFi so that if you are on a limited data plan, you don’t have to suffer like others. Of course, since the issue only affects Android 8.0 Oreo, there aren’t a whole lot of users plagued by it to begin with.

So far, only a small percentage of Google devices have received the firmware update. Most of these devices are from the Pixel lineup. Although, there are some who might have manually updated their Nexus devices like the Nexus 5X or 6P to try out Android Oreo early.

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