Apple’s iOS 11 Leak Confirms New iPhone Name, Features For The OS And More

iOS 11 leak

While Apple hasn’t officially released iOS 11 yet, the firmware’s leaked final build is already in the hands of testers who have been digging around in the software. The iOS 11 leak confirms details about a lot of new features heading to the OS while also teasing that out of all the possible iPhone 8 names, Apple might actually go with iPhone X for their new device.

According to the iOS 11 leak, the software will add a new Portrait Lighting mode to the camera, which improves the Portrait mode by simulating different lighting effects to create “depth” in pictures. The feature supports Contour Light, Natural Light, Stage Light and Studio Light. On top of that, the iOS 11 leak also confirms the video recording capabilities of iPhone X.

Similar to the iPad Pro, iPhone X will also feature a True Tone Display for white balancing of its display, which happens to support 1125 x 2436 resolution according to the firmware. For better chat interactions, iOS 11 is also introducing a new style of emojis called Animoji. These are 3D animated emojis that use facial tracking and voice to deliver personalized messages.

As we already know, Apple is removing the physical Home button in the new iPhone in favor of a bezel-less device with a bigger screen area. However, because of this change, the power switch on the side of the iPhone X will also be seeing some tweaks as to how it interacts with the OS. Double clicking the side button shows Apple Pay Cards and passes while holding it down fires up Siri so you can use voice commands.

Digging through the iOS 11 leak also revealed that Apple will be unveiling a new Apple Watch at their event on 12th September. However, what makes this Apple Watch unique is that this time it includes LTE support. Similarly, a new revision of the AirPods is also in the works although this might not see any drastic changes.

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