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  • Tips to Avoid Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

    Tips To Avoid Virtual Reality Motion Sickness

    Despite numerous advancements in virtual reality technology, one of the biggest issues hardware manufacturers and software developers still face is how to counter motion sickness. The VR headsets available in the market mostly force players to move their head or eyes around while the body mostly stays stationary or moves only slightly. This ends up […]

  • Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200 in 2017

    Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200 in 2017

    While we have talked about some of the best gaming laptops under $1000 before, there are some gamers who might need a bit more power from their machines and to that end aren’t afraid to spend a little bit more money. Our list of Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200 in 2017 caters to those gamers […]

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  • Google Pixel Event Roundup details

    Google Pixel Event Roundup – All The Announcements In One Place

    On the day of the one year anniversary of the launch of Google’s Pixel products, the company held another Google Pixel event. If you missed the livestream where Google announced the future of the Pixel series and other new products, don’t worry as we have here a roundup of all the major Google Pixel event […]

  • Best All-in-one Gaming PC in 2017

    Best All-in-one Gaming PC in 2017

    For those with limited desk space, All-in-One PCs can be a great space saver as everything is housed inside one unit so you don’t need extra space on your desk or around it for CPU and monitor. On top of that, All-in-One PCs usually come with touch screens which can be a great tool for […]

  • Best Chinese Smartphone Under $150 in 2017

    Chinese smartphones are not only great budget devices but also in a lot of cases, deliver top notch specs while maintaining a competitive price point. Unlike most smartphone companies out there, Chinese Android cellphones offer a lot of price variety for every type of consumer, whether someone is looking for a flagship phablet or a […]

  • Top 10 Best PS4 Games of All Time

    Top 10 Best PS4 Games of All Time

    Since the console launched back in 2013, Sony’s PS4 has ruled the current generation console market as the platform of choice for a huge number of console players. The PS4 console currently has a user base of more than 50 million which is massive compared to others. Throughout these past 4 years, a lot of […]

  • tips to improve battery life on Android devices

    How To Improve Battery Life Of Your Android Smartphone

    Despite smartphones getting more and more expensive, the battery life of most smartphones remains extremely embarrassing and even some of the high-end devices barely last a day or just a few hours if you are constantly using the internet on your Android smartphone. However, even if you are not tech savvy, there are ways with […]

  • Best USB Type-C Power Banks in 2017

    Best USB Type-C Power Banks in 2017

    Despite smartphone batteries increasing in capacity, the need for backup battery packs continues to increase simply because of the limited duration a smartphone works on a single full charge. Even some of the most high-end devices struggle to last up to 20 hours on a single charge when internet is being used. That is where […]

  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

    Xiaomi Announces Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Phablet

    Just a few hours ago, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 in China, the second iteration of its Mi MIX smartphone lineup, adopting the similar high-end smartphone with almost bezel-less design like numerous other big companies these days. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will have 2 major variants available, a metal and ceramic standard […]

  • Humble Bundle September Bundles Offer Great Value For Money With Softwares And More

    Humble Bundle, the most popular digital content bundle service on the internet right now, has multiple new bundles available every month. These bundles tend to cater to all sorts of content including software, games, books and mobile apps. While most of the bundles are targeted towards PC audience, occasionally there are some available for console […]