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  • Google Street View cars

    Google Street View Cars Get New Upgrades for Better Indexing

    After almost 8 years, Google is finally upgrading its Google Street View cars with not only a different design but also some significant technological changes to improve street view mapping for Google Maps. While the vehicles themselves will not be changed, the actual street view rig that collects data is going through a redesign. Similar […]

  • Beats Studio 3 Wireless

    Beats Studio 3 Wireless Featuring Apple’s W1 Chip are Available Now

    The signature Beats headphones are finally getting an overhaul after years of sticking to the same design and technology. These new Beats headphones, Studio 3 Wireless are available for sale starting today at a cost of $350 and seem like a decent upgrade for those still using the old model. While on the surface, the […]

  • Lenovo VR-ready PC's

    Lenovo Unleashes VR-Ready Desktop For Your Convenience

    The desktop market has been in an awkward situation ever since companies such as Nvidia have been able to install mobile GPUs which are almost as good as desktop GPUs. With this in the ballpark, Lenovo decided that it would be smart to release a hybrid of sorts by announcing it at Gamescom, two compact VR-ready […]

  • Batman VR

    Become The Batman After Seeing This New Batman Arkham VR Trailer

    So here is the backstory. Batman Arkham VR was confirmed back during E3 and then back to Comic-Con where the trailer was unveiled with some gameplay that was never made public, up until now.  Wear The Signature Hood And Become The Batman After Seeing This Batman Arkham VR Trailer   The trailer mainly revolves around […]

  • Rio in 360 degree

    Experience The Favelas In 360-Degrees

    2016 has been a pretty important year for Brazil and sports fan. Why? well because of the Olympics 2016 that has taken place in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil which has seen 11,000 participants competing for the coveted gold medals. While this maybe the bright side of the South American country, what doesn’t […]

  • Autoblog VR app

    Petrolheads Can Now Enjoy Autoblogs New VR App

    While we are all well aware of how Virtual Reality is being picked up and used by so many different brands,firms and entities that it shows that we are slowly being ushered into a new generation of technology that might become a minor or even major part of our lives. Motorcar specialist Autoblog saw this […]

  • The International Compendium

    Dive Into Dota 2 Via The International Compendium For Your HTC Vive

    The International, a fitting name for the tournament hosted for one of the most successful MOBA of our time, Dota 2. Its where teams from all over the world compete over a humongous prize pool and played at spectacular complex for a large audience to view and vouch for their favorite teams. Valve, who is […]