Become The Batman After Seeing This New Batman Arkham VR Trailer

Batman VR

So here is the backstory. Batman Arkham VR was confirmed back during E3 and then back to Comic-Con where the trailer was unveiled with some gameplay that was never made public, up until now.

 Wear The Signature Hood And Become The Batman After Seeing This Batman Arkham VR Trailer


The trailer mainly revolves around the  words ‘wear the cowl’ which basically means players get to don the iconic hood and roam around Gotham city. The reaction from the crowd over at Comic-con after they saw the trailer and the gameplay experienced just that and that could say much about what we could expect.


The description by the trailer puts it very aptly

If you haven’t witnessed first-hand what it’s like to become Batman, then the newest trailer for Batman: Arkham VR will give you a glimpse of what players are calling the closest you’ll ever get to stepping into the role of the World’s Greatest Detective.


The Game also happened to get a rating of M for Mature which is basically for the blood and violence in this virtual reality game which is a given since it is a batman title and its going to be grim but that shouldn’t discourage anyone, right? We also have reasonable grounds to believe that the game might just come out during October. Well hopefully that is. For more amazing VR news keep visiting TwentyNext & InternationalInside

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