Top 10 Best Android Apps For September 2017

Best Android App 2017 AR

With September in full swing now, a lot of new apps have popped up for Android devices on Google Play Store while some other old ones continue to go unnoticed by the masses. For that very reason, here we will list down the Top 10 Best Android Apps For September 2017.

Since Google is going all out in Augmented Reality now with ARCore, their AR platform to rival Apple’s ARKit, Augmented Reality Android apps in 2017 have started becoming more common on the Play Store and some of them are really well done and not half-baked.


Top 10 Best Android Apps For September 2017


10. SMS Organizer from Microsoft

Microsoft SMS Organizer

If the default messaging app on Android is not enough for your needs, Smart Organizer from Microsoft is currently one of the best Android apps available in 2017 right now. As the name suggests, Smart Organizer specializes in organizing day to day SMS you receive on your smartphone. The app algorithms also specialize in highlighting important messages and automatically filtering out spam messages. On top of that, it also separates payment related messages like bank notifications on credit card transactions or promotional messages from companies into different tabs for easy viewing.

9. DirectChat (ChatHeads for All)

Best Android Apps September

Another chat related app on Android, DirectChat moves all messaging apps under one platform. Given the popularity of messaging apps on Android, everyone uses multiple apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and the default Google Messaging app. DirectChat takes the messages received on all these apps under its wings and display them as chat heads so they can be easily viewed and answered without having the need to switch between multiple apps. As of right now, it supports 16 different apps which can be added to the list so Android users can view them as chat heads.

8. Pixomatic Photo Editor

Best Android Apps September 2017

The default editing tools in Android are pretty bare-bones and that is where Pixomatic photo editor as part of our Top 10 Best Android Apps For September 2017 comes in. It is an easy to use and powerful photo editing software which should prove useful for beginners and experts who don’t have the time to copy photos over to the PC in order to edit them. Pixomatic Photo Editor obviously includes the basic editing tools like cropping and adjusting color tones and blur but on top of that, it also lets you create stickers which you can add to photos.

7. D&D Lords of Waterdeep

Best Android Apps September 2017

Mobile gaming is a blooming market right now and D&D Lords of Waterdeep is a worthy addition to the growing list of best Android gaming apps in 2017. Originally released on iOS around 4 years ago, this new Android app costs a one time payment of $10 after which fans of the Dungeon and Dragons tabletop can take their adventures to the virtual world.

6. S Player – Light & Powerful

Best Android Apps September 2017

The Play Store is filled with numerous video players where most of them share the same DNA but deliver results to varying degrees of satisfaction. The latest addition is S Player which offers a handful of neat features like gesture playback, eye protection mode and real time sync.

5. The Walking Dead Encounter

AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show is a global phenomenon and there is no denying that. Because of the show’s immense popularity, new apps and games themed after it keep launching on Google Play Store every now and then but most of them are lackluster. The Walking Dead Encounter however isn’t one of them and this Augmented Reality app is fun to use and fiddle around with. Using the smartphone camera, The Walking Dead Encounter lets you drop zombies in the world around you and then have them unexpectedly jump out at you move the camera around for some nice jump scares. Since the app is from AMC and Mountain Dew, more zombies can be unlocked by scanning certain packages of the drink or waiting for the release of new episodes of the hit TV show.

Best Android Apps September 2017

4. Adapticons

Despite Google constantly evolving the Android UI, there are a lot of people who prefer more customization and want every aspect of their home screen and app launcher under their control. For that, there are tons of launchers and icon packs available on the Android Play Store. Adapticons is somewhat unique in that regard and worthy of being in the Top 10 Best Android Apps of September. Adapticons doesn’t just change the style of icons according to just one theme, instead it lets the user customize each and every app icon on their phone. There are a number of designs to choose from like Round, Cloud, Puzzle and Rectangle. Users can simply select the app they want to change and then select the design icon and the app will do the rest.

Best Android Apps September 2017

3. Holo – Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality

Holo Best Android App Virtual Reality

Among the Top 10 Best Android Apps for September 2017, Holo is one of the best Augmented Reality apps available on Android right now. For AR enthusiasts, Holo is a fun app to check out as it allows addition of holograms of characters, whether they are real people, superheroes or even animals, into their pictures or videos. While there are numerous Android apps which offer similar features, Holo actually delivers on quality and has really good end result. With the use of the app, you can make it seem as if you own cute pets even if you are allergic to them!

Best Android Apps September 2017

2. Duolingo

Best Android App for Learning Language 2017

While Duolingo has been available for a number of years, it definitely deserves a mention in this Top 10 Best Android Apps for September 2017 as it continues to be the best language-learning app on the Play Store. The app receives constant updates with support for new languages so you can learn the basics of as many languages you want from the comfort of your home without having to pay for any instructors. Think you are proficient in a language? Duolingo also has tests to see how good you actually are.

Best Android Apps For September 2017

1. Atom Visualizer

Best Android App 2017 AR

Listed as the first Play Store app to utilize the latest ARCore platform, Atom Visualizer is a great and handy augmented reality app which makes learning fun and exciting. Using the smartphone camera, you can drop 3D atomic models with Atom Visualizer in the world around you. After that, just move around and explore them, all the while learning structures of elements and the atoms that make them up. However, as of right now Atomy Visualizer only supports a handful of AR capable phones like Pixel, Pixel XL and Galaxy S8.

Best Android Apps September 2017

So here it is, our list of Top 10 Best Android Apps for September 2017 which should help you deliver better everyday life experiences with your smartphone. If you think you have found these apps useful or any other you would like to mention, share them in the comments below.

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