Best Cloud Storage Apps for Android and iOS

cloud storage apps

Since the popularity of smartphones and tablets, online storage has become important for accessing files across multiple devices on the go as long as you are connected to the internet. The main solution for this is cloud storage apps in the form of Dropbox, OneDrive, Box etc. The apps besides providing file backup solutions, can also be used to share files, collaborate on documents and secure files with encryption. With the abundance of cloud storage apps, it is difficult to decide which app to use. So we have compiled a list of the best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS.

Best Cloud Storage For Android iOS

Following are few of the best cloud storage apps currently available for Android and iOS:



Probably the oldest and the most popular cloud storage app. It has been a favourite among both PC and mobile users. Dropbox when installed on desktop, acts like just any other folder. Its best for its automatic upload where you can upload any file on your PC or mobile and view them later on your other devices. Many third-party apps are integrated with Dropbox which makes this app best for cross-platform support.

A standard Dropbox comes with 2 GB of storage and you can earn 500 MB per referral up till 18 GB total earning. There are also paid plans which start from $9.99 for 1 TB and various enterprise solutions. Dropbox is available for both Android and iOS.

Google Drive


Google Drive is best for those who depend in their Google accounts. It is best compatible with Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides for document collaboration and Photos for free photo storage. With Google drive, you can easily add allow editing and sharing your documents to your contacts.

Your standard Google account comes with 15 GB of free Drive storage with paid plans starting from $5 for 100 GB and so on. Google Drive is available for both Android and iOS.



OneDrive, formerly known as SkyDrive, is the cloud storage provided by Microsoft and works best for its document apps Office Online and Office for desktop which are best for making business level documents. OneDrive ties with Word, Excel and PowerPoint just like how Google Drive ties with Docs, Sheets and Slides. OneDrive also features automatic photo backup and document collaboration.

You get 15 GB of OneDrive storage with the standard Outlook account and Office 365 subscribers get 1 TB storage. Additional storage with monthly or yearly subscriptions are also available. OneDrive is available for both Android and iOS.


box cloud storage

Box is a lightweight cloud storage app with the most basic functions of upload, download and document collaboration along with editing on commenting on files. Box also notifies if there have been changes on any shared documents.

A free Box account comes with 10 GB of storage. Extra storage and secure file transfer features are available on monthly or yearly subscriptions. Box is available on both Android and iOS.



Mega is also a very basic cloud storage solution with more focus on data security. Every upload or download is encrypted which makes this the safest app in term of privacy. Their website states that “Mega remains the only cloud storage provider with browser-based high-performance end-to-end encryption”.

Mega provides 50 GB of free storage which makes it the best app if you don’t want to spend money on any sort of cloud app and if you require basic features. Mega is available on both Android and iOS.



Cubby is a relatively new cloud storage app which provides basic upload, sharing features along with file version support and its pro features include device wipe, in case a device gets stolen or lost and DirectSync to sync files across multiple computers and mobile devices.

A basic Cubby account comes with 5 GB of storage and basic features, $3.99 per month subscription gets you a Pro account and Enterprise is available for $39.99 with 1 TB of storage for a team of 5 or more users. Cubby is available on both Android and iOS.

There are also many other apps but these were the best cloud storage apps for Android and iOS. Although all apps were created for the same purpose of backing up files to the cloud, each service also serves other purpose than its basic one. It’s up to you the reader to decide which one suits you best.

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