Best features of Android N you should know about

Android N

Google unlike Apple doesn’t keep its most recent developments a mystery before they’re formally released. The recent Google I/O event on Wednesday, Google declared a couple of more components in Android N, the most recent and still to be formally released portable working framework. They are not big changes in the new Android N development, however it will have a major effect on how you’ll utilize your Android smartphones.

For one, google has announced that Android N will have better performance for games and general execution. Apps will install up to 75% much faster than in Marshmallow and will have 50% reduction in compiled code size i.e. less storage. Apps running in the background that aren’t used frequently will automatically close down. Google has also included a “Clear All” button to close down all running apps instantly in one go. This feature can be accessed from the top button of the recents menu.

Quick Switch gives twofold tap the “square Recents” button a chance to catch to change back to the past application you were utilizing and after that back again to the application you were utilizing rapidly. You will also be able to use two apps subsequently with Multi-window feature. Android N will also feature an instant “reply” button from the notification menu for prompt reply to your instant messages. Security redesigns will be downloaded naturally, however you’ll need to switch off your smartphone and back on for them to install. You’ll have the capacity to run Google’s new virtual reality stage “Daydream” with a VR headset if your smartphone is sufficiently capable. This is the greatest new element Google reported. And also an enhanced “Snooze” mode that will put your smartphone in a semi-rest mode when the screen is off for exceptional battery life and many more.

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