Best Movies in Virtual Reality

Best VR Movies / Films to Watch

Best Movies in Virtual Reality

If you have a VR headset like the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or even a Google Cardboard compatible headset, you must have enjoyed many games on them. But the fun does not stop there. Filmmakers are now making virtual reality movies using 360-degree camera and film making techniques which are more or less much new to the movie making business. Last year, YouTube added support for 360-degree videos on their platform where people can upload 360-degree videos made from their cameras like Samsung Gear 360 or the Kodak 360-degree camera we mentioned in our how to make 360 videos. Here are some of the best movies in virtual reality

Best Virtual Reality Movies

11:57 VR Movie

If you are a big fan of horror films or games, you should watch VR horror films. 11:57 is the best example of how a VR film should be made, may it be horror or otherwise. 11:57 is the best VR nightmare horror short film that puts the viewer as the main character in the film. In 11:57, the main character is strapped to a chair and all sorts of ghouls and specters are after them. The makers of this film warn people with heart problems, seizures or other medical problems since the content of this horror short film is very scary. That is why it is included among the Best Movies in Virtual Reality 

The directors of this movie faced a real challenge when making this film, because it is shot in 360 degrees and directing such a film has rarely been done before.

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