Best Movies in Virtual Reality

Best VR Movies / Films to Watch

Best Movies in Virtual Reality

White Room: 02B3 VR Movie

White Room: 02B3 involves six people who wake up in an unknown room and they find out a bigger plot involving them. White Room: 02B3 was originally made for dome theaters but it was later released for VR headsets. The producers of this virtual reality movie shot it entirely with 360 degree cameras which meant that there was not cut during filming unless a take was finished. All of the people who worked on the film has to divert their attention to the 360-degree aspect of the story and viewing experience. This is truly the first ever movie in virtual reality and is also considered one of the best movies in virtual reality.

These were some of the best movies in virtual reality. Virtual reality is a very impressive form of entertainment – may it be games, music or movies. If you have a VR headset at home, make sure you watch these best movies in virtual reality and explore what a VR headset can really do for you. Do mention any great VR movies that we have missed in the comments below.

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