Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Best Photo Editor Apps on Android

For most users, nothing beats the control and features of a desktop software to edit photos, whether they are taken from a camera or a smartphone. However, there are a lot of people out there who are either not skilled with those complicated photo editing software or just want a quick edit job before they can share those pictures on social media. Our list of Best Photo Editor Apps for Android will highlight some of those apps, which you can use on your smartphone to edit your photos and then share them.

Best Photo Editor Apps for Android

Some of these apps are completely free and easy to use while others offer a bit more features and are for advanced users. These extra features can also sometimes cost a premium purchase, which is still cheaper than a purchasing a desktop photo editor. For users with dual-lens smartphones, these apps can be highly useful to edit their high-quality pictures.

Photo Effects Pro

Available for free on the Google Play Store, Photo Editor Pro focuses heavily on filters, visual effects and stickers for those who like to share their selfies on social media platforms after some stylish touch-ups. The app has more than 40 filters for you to choose from as well as add text and stickers to your pictures. The app also has some basic editing functions like crop but those aren’t its main focus as it mainly just relies on providing filters and other fancy edits to your pictures making it a great photo editor for Android.

Photo Lab

While not exactly a very popular app, Photo Lab is one of the best phot app for Android, which we have tried. It features a massive collection of over 640 filters, frames and effects for you to choose for your photos. Alongside these fancy effects, the Photo Lab app also has editing tools such as montages, basic editing functions and more. The free version of the app puts a watermark on your photos that you can remove by purchasing the Pro version for $3.


If your smartphone is mostly used for selfies, look no further than Airbrush photo editor for Android. Airbrush specializes in filters and effects to touch up your selfies for social media sharing. It has tools to edit and fix such as blemish remover, teeth whitener, eye widener and others alongside a number of filters. The app is also extremely easy to use which is how it earned its 4.8 rating on the Play Store with the Pro version costing just $1.


Pixlr or Pixlr Express from AutoDesk is an extremely powerful photo editor for Android with one of the best one touch enhancement tools alongside a number of exciting features for you to try and tweak your photos with. The app also includes a number of filters and cosmetic editing tools like blemish removers and teeth whiteners. The fact that there is a free version and the Pro version costs just $2 makes this one of the best photo editor apps for Android on our list.

Cupslice Photo Editor for Android

Another app that heavily relies on filters to improve your photos, Cupslice is available for free and gets updated frequently to keep its stickers and filters database fresh with new additions. On top of these, the Android photo editor also has basic editing features like crop, frame, saturation, brightness and contrast controls.

Bonfire Photo Editor

An increasingly popular Android photo editor app, Bonfire has some basic editing tools but what makes it truly unique and fun to use are the filters it has. Depending on how much you want to spend, up to $10, you can unlock the Pro version for complete app access including all features and filters. Besides your usual black/white filters, it also has some interesting ones like Fancy that turns your photos in watercolored art.


For those a bit savvy with editing and no interest in filters, PhotoDirector is a great Android photo editor with focus on manual adjustments rather than one touch solutions or filters. The app lets you use sliders to change RGB balance, white balance, hue and saturation and more to put a professional editing touch to your Android photos. The premium version of the app costs $5 and gets you a ton of features that make it an ideal photo editing app that is powerful than most apps on the Play Store.


At the top of our list of best photo editor apps for Android sits Google owned Snapseed, which also happens to be a free app. While on the surface it looks deceptively simple and has minimal impact on your smartphone, the fact that it targets hardcore photography enthusiasts makes it worthy of the top spot on our list. You can adjust your images using a number of sliders and one touch enhancement tools. If you need filters for your photos, the app has that covered as well. However, the most powerful tool at its disposal is the ability to edit RAW photos as these uncompressed shots will yield you the best result and quality after editing.

So there you have it, our list of some of the Best Photo Editor Apps for Android which you can download on variety of Android smartphones and have fun making exciting photos and selfies. Most of these apps provide powerful features with their free versions so you don’t have to spend money on a photo editor, if you are ok with advertisements in your app.


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