Best USB Type C to USB A Cables

Best USB Type C to USB A cables

While more and more devices might have started adopting the USB type C standard, not every company or even the consumer is fully onboard and are still using the old USB A types. If you have an older device with a USB type A 2.0 or 3.0 connector and are tired of trying to figure out the right orientation to connect your cable, there is some good news as you can still use a USB type C cable on your device. Here we will list some of the best USB type C to USB A cables that you can use with your old devices.

Best USB Type C to USB A Cables

Since USB type C is backward compatible in terms of data transfer, you can still use a USB type C cable with your old devices, which only have ports for USB A, provided you can manage to connect the cable using a special USB type C reversible connector. These USB type C to USB type 2.0/3.0 adapters are easily available from your local tech stores or you can even order them online from stores like Amazon.

RAVPower USB Type-C to USB Type-A

RAVPower USB C Cable

A bit on the pricy side, the RAVPower USB C to USB A cable offers decent value for money with backwards compatibility and claims of overvoltage protection and 8000+ bend lifespan. The USB C to USB A cable isn’t anything special but it gets the job done and offers 480Mb/s of transfer speed. Since RAVPower is a well-known brand, if you can’t find any other cable on the list, you can always ultimately decide to purchase this one.

Choetech USB 2.0 Type A to Type C

Choetech USB C to A cable

At about $20, the Choetech USB type C to USB type A cable is a great entry level cable which offers 9.9ft of cable for data transfer to your USB type C devices. The Choetech cable supports a data transfer rate of up to 48Mb/s and outputs 2.4A current at 5V, which means charging your devices like Chromebook and MacBook with USB Type-C connectors, shouldn’t be a problem at all for this cable. If you have a power bank that supports Quick Charge 3.0, you can also use this cable with that.

Belkin 2.0 USB-C to USB-A Cable

Belkin 2.0 USB C cable

This 6ft cable from one of the top brands out there, Belkin, lets you connect your USB C devices like Pixel smartphone and new MacBook to older laptops and power connectors with support for USB-A. Due to 3A charging output, the Belkin 2.0 cable is a great addition to our list of best USB Type C to USB A cables as it not only supports fast charging but is also capable of data transfer up to 480Mb/s in just $11.

Bridgegen USB Type C Cable

Bridgegen USB C cable

The Bridgegen cable offers a reversible type C connector to use the cable with your latest USB Type C devices while the other end is a USB-A connector. In $18, you get a fast data transfer and charging cable that extends to 6.6ft so you won’t have to put your devices next to your PC or power outlet when charging them. The cable reportedly charges typical quick charge supported smartphones up to 50% in about 15 minutes.

Anker AK USB C to USB A Cable

Anker USB Type C to USB A

Another highly respected brand we have even mentioned in our list of USB C power banks, Anker AK cable is a worthy addition to our best USB Type C to USB A cables even if we were just judging them by brand names. In $29, you get a cable that is compatible with all the latest USB C devices including Chromebook Pixel, Pixel smartphones, MacBook and more. On top of that, the cable offers 5Gbps data transfer speeds and fast charging capabilities. Anker completes the package with an 18-month warranty so if your cable gets damaged or fails to live up to expectations, you can always get a replacement for free.

Belkin 3.1 USB C to USB A Cable

Belkin 3.1 USB C to USB A

Belkin returns to our list of best USB Type C to USB A cables and this time at the top spot since this USB 3.1 cable has pretty much everything you could ask for and also happens to be a pretty affordable purchase as well. Available for just $15, the Belkin 3.1 cable is 3ft in length and thanks to the latest USB 3.1 standard, supports data transfer speeds up to a massive 10Gbps. While most cables in the market tend to adopt the USB 3.0 or USB 2.0 standard when it comes to USB C to USB A, Belkin takes it a step further and ensures all your future devices will deliver top notch performance when connected to this cable. The 3A power output ensures that not only is the cable ideal for data transfer but you can also use it for fast charging of your USB C devices.

So there you have it, our list of some of the Best USB Type C to USB A Cables available in the market right now if you need to transfer data from your old devices or connect with old power banks/chargers. Do you have any other cables in mind? Share them in the comments below.

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