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  • Apple iPhone X keynote event

    Apple iPhone X Keynote Event Roundup – All The Reveals In One Place

    The highly anticipated Apple keynote event finally happened and the tech giant came forward with a lot of new announcements, including the Apple iPhone X among other devices and Apple accessories. While the announcement of smartphones was expected, Apple fans were treated to a lot of new and unexpected things as well which has once […]

  • Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

    Xiaomi Announces Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Phablet

    Just a few hours ago, Xiaomi announced the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 in China, the second iteration of its Mi MIX smartphone lineup, adopting the similar high-end smartphone with almost bezel-less design like numerous other big companies these days. The Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 will have 2 major variants available, a metal and ceramic standard […]

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  • Google Drive

    Google Discontinuing Google Drive Storage To Introduce Two New Options

    Google has announced that it is discontinuing its online backup storage platform Google Drive, used by millions to create online backups of their virtual media including documents, photos and videos. However, there really isn’t any cause for concern as it seems like this isn’t exactly a shutdown of the service but more like a restructuring […]

  • Android Oreo bug

    New Android Oreo Bug Incurs Heavy Internet Costs By Using Mobile Data

    While Google has officially unveiled their next Android OS, Android Oreo, and even started rolling it out to some of their devices like the Pixel smartphone, it seems like one pretty significant Android Oreo bug might have made its way through internal testing as users are reporting the WiFi connection has a serious bug in […]

  • Humble Bundle September Bundles Offer Great Value For Money With Softwares And More

    Humble Bundle, the most popular digital content bundle service on the internet right now, has multiple new bundles available every month. These bundles tend to cater to all sorts of content including software, games, books and mobile apps. While most of the bundles are targeted towards PC audience, occasionally there are some available for console […]

  • iPhone 8 OLED

    Samsung Remains The Sole iPhone 8 OLED Supplier For Apple

    There is no denying that Samsung is one of the best, if not the best, smartphone OLED manufacturer in the market right now. Because of this very reason, other companies including Apple tend to purchase displays from them. However, with the upcoming launch of iPhone 8 or iPhone X, it seems like Apple will have […]

  • Google Street View cars

    Google Street View Cars Get New Upgrades for Better Indexing

    After almost 8 years, Google is finally upgrading its Google Street View cars with not only a different design but also some significant technological changes to improve street view mapping for Google Maps. While the vehicles themselves will not be changed, the actual street view rig that collects data is going through a redesign. Similar […]

  • iOS YouTube livestreaming

    YouTube Improves Livestreaming on iPhone

    YouTube is making big waves in the war for best livestreaming service and introducing some new features to counter Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer livestreaming platforms. The company has started rolling out new updates today, mainly for the YouTube iOS app. With the new features in place, iPhone users can use the YouTube mobile app to […]