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  • Project Morpheus Setup

    What is Project Morpheus?

    We have been hearing about Virtual Reality concept for a long time now. Starting from the 1960s with the Sensorama and also in a lot of movies and video games. But from 2016, VR concept is now a reality and it has taken the tech community and consumers by storm. What is Project Morpheus? Sony […]

  • SteamVR

    Everything You Need to Know About SteamVR

    With Virtual Reality becoming the next platform of tomorrow, we see a lot of OEMs clamoring to make an impact in the market. Over the last year, many companies have released hints and rumors of the work they’ve been doing in the field with a few of the major market holders even releasing their versions […]

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  • All You Need to Know About ALICE VR

    Even since the Oculus Rift developer edition was announced on Kickstarter, many video game developers have taken the advantage of bringing games to the VR market because it had never been explored before like it is being done now. Carbon Studio is an indie game developer which developed an interesting VR game for the Oculus […]

  • All You Need to Know About PlayStation VR

    As always, the main objective of video games is to immerse a player in a virtual environment. With the release of VR, the concept of immersion in video games is much more real because now a gamer can truly interact with the virtual world of video games with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift, […]

  • Samsung Gear VR Review

    Samsung Gear VR Review – Virtual Reality Headset Powered by Oculus

    Samsung has joined forces with Oculus to bring virtual reality to the smartphone level. Keeping in view the portability of a smartphone, Samsung and Oculus have come up with the Samsung Gear VR. A cheaper VR headset which delivers excellent VR entertainment in a light and portable package. You can play super immersive games and […]

  • HTC Vive VR Headset

    HTC Vive Review – Virtual Reality at It’s Best

    Releasing just a month after the Oculus Rift, you can say that the competition between VR headsets has already started with the release of the HTC Vive. Manufactured by the mobile phone company and partnered with Valve for Steam VR’s first VR headset, the HTC Vive is an awesome product which delivers a much more immersive […]

  • Oculus Rift Review

    Oculus Rift Review – Welcome to The Future of VR

    Finally, the Oculus Rift is here. You can have it in your home and no more reading and watching videos about a “developer kit” or “prototype”. After four long years, Oculus has finally released the Oculus Rift for consumers to enjoy video gaming in a new perspective which is immersing the users in the virtual […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Hands on

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Review

    Even though LG started curved screen phone with its G Flex series, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge took the spotlight last year and has paved way for the new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge which Samsung has unveiled for the new year. Following the curved edge screen designs, the Galaxy S7 Edge takes it to a […]

  • Galaxy S7 hands on

    Samsung Galaxy S7 Review

    As every year, Samsung has started its new year with its brand new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Following much of the similar design features to the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7 improves on much of the problems that surfaced in the Galaxy S6. Samsung looks to address the […]