Check Out The Titanic On Gear VR by Unimersiv

Titanic VR by Unimersiv

Perhaps one of the most well-known ships to have ever existed, the RMS titanic and its pre-mature demise during its voyage in 1912 across the Atlantic has now been remade in virtual reality by Unimersiv, an immersive educational company.


Now Experience Titanic in Virtual Reality


You can experience Titanic through the Unimersiv app on Samsung gear VR. The experience basically provides it’s viewers the ability to explore the Titanic, back when it was first built. The floors, the decks, the engine room, the wheel room and the interior decor of the ship. You can also learn about the exterior of the ship that was claimed to be unsinkable, but sadly the massive side torn by the iceberg prevented the anti-sink mechanics to be used. Furthermore, the movie, directed by James Cameron which starred Leonardo Di Caprio, pointed out how the shipped lacked the lifeboats for its passengers.

The Unimersiv app may be free to download on your Samsung gear VR but the Titanic is paid content which will set you back by $1.99 which is still a small amount considering what you get out of it, especially if you are a ship buff or just generally want to experience the Titanic by wanting to know more about it.

Unimersiv actually wanted to distribute its content strictly though their website but then they struck a deal with Samsung and released a dedicated app for the Samsung Gear VR with three experiences to sample, all three different scenarios but mainly educational so factual.

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