Chicken Charge Embraces AR And Releases On iOS Devices

Chicken Charge

Chicken Charge, a new augmented reality game from Virtex Apps has been released for iOS. The app is quite similar to Pokemon Go, as it utilizes GPS and allows you to see virtual characters in real world settings and you can travel around those objects and their angles rotate like proper 3D objects.

Chicken Charge Dives Into Augmented Reality And Launches On iOS

Chicken Charge


So what is Chicken Charge about you may ask. Well, similar to Pokemon Go, Chicken charge allows you to walk around in the real world which tracks your movements via GPS and you collect some elusive chickens within a virtually-laid area where you have to navigate through obstacles such as 30-foot tall robots, stampeding buffaloes and pianos randomly falling from the sky.

The app was developed using the company’s latest Virtex Framework which lays down the whole virtual world and tracks the user’s movements. The whole framework was built upon the Unity platform, one of the most popular platforms to develop games, another similarity with Pokemon Go is that it was also built on Unity.

One of the founders of Vertix Apps, green had this to say about the game

With the runaway success of Pokemon Go, it’s clear that people are willing to get up off the couch for a unique mobile experience.  So we’re excited to have people see what is possible when they try Chicken Charge, and we look forward to exploring new ways of merging real and virtual worlds.


With such development arising, we can be sure that these apps will be further developed so that they can be used on phones, tablets and other devices with much ease.

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