China Will Recieve Playstation VR By October Claimed By Sony

Playstation VR coming to China

China is a quite strict when it comes to the game industry and it’s regulation policies that they feel the need to impose, which roughly translates into less fun for the consumers of such a huge market that requires freedom. However, that wont be the case with the much-awaited Playstation VR.

Playstation VR Will Launch On Time In China

This all unraveled during the afternoon before ChinaJoy, China’s biggest gaming convention held every year. Sony announced then that it will release the Playstation VR in China on the October 13th as well as for other countries too.

However, there is a catch to this. The Sony VR headset for its flagship console will be priced a tad bit higher then it’s normally supposed to and this is only for China. While it will normally retail for $399 worldwide, in China, it will be shelved at $450. The full package which contains the camera and two controllers will be priced at $555 , In China that is.

As if the exclusive region price bump was a bit disheartening. China is slated to only get 20 Virtual Reality games for the Playstation VR between October, while elsewhere there would be 50 VR titles. So price bump and fewer VR titles, that is quite jab at the Chinese gaming market.

As for Sony, they went on and claimed how the Playstation VR experience will be actually cheaper then a PC VR experience.

If you don’t have a PS4, you can get those as low as US$350. Then you’ll need the PlayStation VR headset (US$400), the PlayStation camera (US$50), and Move controllers (around US$50). That’s a full high-end VR setup for around US$850. Even when you factor in the price of an online subscription and a bunch of expensive PS4 games, going from zero to total VR is still going to be cheaper on PlayStation than it is on PC

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