Clay Park VR Acquired By AI and VR Firm AiSolve

Clay Park VR

Clay Park VR, the LA based VR strategy and advisory firm is now under new management as the company has been acquired by UK based Artificial Intelligence and VR development firm, AiSolve, to head up their North American operations.

AiSolve itself specializes in development of AI based VR experiences such as the training pilot program for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and WePlayVR, a compact VR attraction for location based venues. With their acquisition of Clay Park VR, it would be interesting to see what the new staff cooks up to make a mark in the growing VR world.

Despite acquiring the company, AiSolve hasn’t installed their own staff and instead opted to keep Clay Park VR’s staff including the co-founder Shauna Heller, who will now be heading up the North American operations. Shauna previously worked as a Developer Relations Specialist at Oculus so she is well versed in the VR world.

In fact, the pilot program for the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles was actually headed by her and also served as the starting point for this acquisition as it brought together companies like Facebook, Oculus and AiSolve to work towards the program. Her skill and insight as a VR insider is what seems to have prompted AiSolve to acquire her company and employ her expertise in the VR market.

The VR pilot program aimed to train the hospital staff with simulated trauma scenarios instead of expensive and time-consuming mannequin based training.

The acquisition terms and the amount hasn’t been disclosed as of yet but Shauna will be coordinating operations through the company’s Los Angeles, Palo Alto and Glendale offices while also working on improving the WePlayVR system to deliver bespoke location based VR content with its unique playspace layout to give users a feeling of being in a larger environment.

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