Dive Into Dota 2 Via The International Compendium For Your HTC Vive

The International Compendium

The International, a fitting name for the tournament hosted for one of the most successful MOBA of our time, Dota 2. Its where teams from all over the world compete over a humongous prize pool and played at spectacular complex for a large audience to view and vouch for their favorite teams. Valve, who is responsible for the development for Dota 2 has released the International compendium, which aids in interacting with the tournament and has been confirmed to have virtual reality support.


The International Compendium Will Allow You to Experience The Tournament In VR


The compendium will have a Dota VR hub from where you can view the bracket matches live, or replay past matches and even look at the heroes in the VR hero showcase., this is all possible through a HTC Vive though.

Other functionalities include that you should be able to view the matches on your own or with 15 friends of yours or with the community. The International compendium also furthers the experinece by teleportation you into the eye of the storm, into the heat of the skirmishes between the 2 teams and imagine that during the epic grand final.

You will be able to do this by selecting the mini-map and then clicking on a point where you would like to dive in. You can adjust the camera angle to get  a better view of the battles between the two teams and view your favorites players POV and how they are progressing in the finals.

Overall a sweet update for the Dota fans who happen to have a HTC Vive so that they can enhance their International experience even if they could not make a trip to Seattle to watch it live but still, experiencing it in virtual reality would give some closure.

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