Everything You Need to Know about Sony 4K Streaming Service

Sony Ultra 4K streaming service

Earlier this year at CES, Sony announced its 4K movie streaming service for its 4K Android TVs. The app for these 4K TVs is named as Sony Ultra and is only launched for its 4K TV customers. The app will be released on 4th April, 2016 in the USA and will provide purchasing and streaming movies in 4K resolution. Sony is trying to fill the gap between availability of 4K TVs and the lack of 4K content. VP of Consumer Services & Advanced Platforms at Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has stated that “Sony Ultra streaming service will provide a premium viewing experience to satisfy growing demand for 4K movies and television shows”.

Following is everything you need to know about Sony 4K streaming service:

Supported Sony TV Models

Sony Ultra is only supported on Sony 4K TVs with HDR (high dynamic video) video running Android TV. The app can only stream purchased movies since the TVs don’t have enough local storage to store them. Following Sony 4K TV model series are supported:

  • XBR X850D
  • XBR X930D/X940D

4K resolution offers four times the pixels of Full HD. The TVs mentioned above deliver HDR video which presents a much brighter and a sharper picture where light and dark are more noticeable. HDR delivers more details in highlights and shadows.


Movies in the Sony Ultra app are only available for purchase not for rental or subscription based service like Netflix or HBO Now. Sony demands a hefty $30 price for each 4K movie where a 1080p movie costs half of that price. This price is very high as compared to Amazon which provides free high definition format for free who have Amazon Prime subscription and on Netflix for only $14.99 for 4K video and simultaneous streaming on up to four devices.

People who have redeemed Sony Pictures movies on UltraViolet can stream these movies in the Sony Ultra app and can also upgrade available movies to 4K for a discount. So, this cost of upgrading a movie to 4K should be around $14 to $15.

People who are buying a Sony 4K TV currently can get 4 complementary movies when they sign up for Sony Ultra.

Content in Sony Ultra

Sony 4K Streaming Content
Sony 4K Streaming Content

The Sony Ultra app movie collection consists of around 40 to 50 movies from Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures. Most of these movies are relatively new like Looper, Total Recall, Fury, After Earth, Concussion etc. Like mentioned above, users can get UltraViolet redeemed movies streamed on Sony Ultra.

Sony Ultra will be released on 4th April, 2016 and currently will only be available in the USA.

So this is everything you need to know about Sony 4K stream service. This service is good for people who have 4K TVs since not much content is available in 4K resolution and the Sony Ultra app delivers 4K movies. In the future, Sony might offer rentals or even add it to the rumoured 4K PlayStation 4 but this is currently not confirmed.

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