Experience The Favelas In 360-Degrees

Rio in 360 degree

2016 has been a pretty important year for Brazil and sports fan. Why? well because of the Olympics 2016 that has taken place in Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil which has seen 11,000 participants competing for the coveted gold medals. While this maybe the bright side of the South American country, what doesn’t seem to get alot of limelight is the favelas. Its the large quantity of packed buildings that is home to 20% of Rio’s population and google has prepared a 360-degree video to showcase their lives.

You Can Now See The Favelas In 360-Degree


Google started their beyond the map series in which ‘A Day In A Favela’ is a part of it. The Video starts out with a nice shot of the Brazilian coastline with the narration explaining about the divide between the rich and the poor in Rio.

The video isn’t really all about the dark side of Rio, its actually about how the close the community is in the Favelas. The diversity in culture, how everyone is working so close to each other in those narrow streets and along with that, it shows the people selling their products, surfers running to the beach to catch a wave and dancers hard at practicing.

Google wanted us to see that despite the poverty looming in Favelas, people still support each other and live on with their lives, no matter how hard.



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