Fantom Fathom Unveils Hyper Dash To Counter VR Sickness

VR Sickness has been a common issue in the VR headsets available in the market right now and there is no easy solution to this problem. Some people don’t experience it at all while for others, the trigger and the degree to which they feel sick differs. You can check out our guide to best deal with VR sickness if you encounter the same issue when enjoying VR content.

It seems like Fantom Fathom might have figured out the ultimate solution to VR sickness as the VR content creator has announced a solution called Hyper Dash. Usually, the nausea induced by VR usage stems from movement which is why games have now started adopting a “teleportation” approach so that users don’t feel sick when their character moves in game.

The current VR systems in place force the player’s eyes to move around a lot while their body usually moves very little which makes the brain think the person is sick. With the aid of Hyper Dash, Fantom Fathom aims to change that, without the use of any external inputs through controllers or touch by altering the center of gravity.

With the Hyper Dash software solution, VR users will be forced to move their bodies much more than what they were used to before, which in turn keeps the body movement “in sync” with their eyes to lessen the nauseous feeling.

Fantom Fathom also released a demo showcasing the new technology with their upcoming game APEX Tournament. Players are required to move to the left or right to move across the map and forward or backward to move faster or jump up.

While the demo showed HTC Vive in action which already offers great motion sensing technology with the room scan, the creators have confirmed that it will work with all VR headsets including Oculus Rift and PSVR. More details on the workings of Hyper Dash should be clear when APEX Tournament launches later this year.

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