Fruit Ninja VR Early Access Game Now Available on HTC Vive

Fruit Ninja VR Edition Now Available on HTC Vive

Fruit Ninja VR

One of the most popular mobile games , Fruit Ninja which was in the works as reported earlier, is now available in VR. Fruit Ninja VR is available on Steam Early Access for HTC Vive. The game costs $14.99 but is currently 20% off on Steam which reduces the price to $11.99 till 14th July, 2016. Fruit Ninja already has over 100 million downloads on Android (according to Google Play) and is also quite popular on iOS devices as evident from the number of positive ratings for Fruit Ninja on iTune Store.

Fruit Ninja VR Edition Now Available on HTC Vive

If you haven’t played Fruit Ninja or even Fruit Ninja Free, it’s a game where you have to cut flying fruits by swiping your finger across screen and avoiding slicing bombs that appear randomly. Swiping them in certain way where you cut multiple fruits at a time can get you combos (means higher score).

Fruit Ninja VR – Workout While Having Fun

In Fruit Ninja VR edition, instead of swiping your hands on the screen or at any other device, you actually have to pretend like you are holding two katana swords in your hands and then go all assassin on them fruits. This might sound like real fun but in reality, the physical movement that the game requires from you will be a lot more than simply swiping your fingers across a 5-inch screen. It’s like one game of Fruit Ninja will be equivalent to a 10 minutes workout in the gym (hypothetically speaking of course).

Currently, the game has three different game modes – Classic, Arcade and Zen. Only one location is available in the game as Halfbrick, the studio that created Fruit Ninja, said that more locations will be added once the game’s early access ends which will probably be till October 2016.

Halfrick Studios said that Fruit Ninja VR currently supports HTC Vive via SteamVR but will be adding support for Oculus Rift, Google Daydream devices and PlayStation VR by the end of summer holidays in 2016.

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