Google Discontinuing Google Drive Storage To Introduce Two New Options

Google Drive

Google has announced that it is discontinuing its online backup storage platform Google Drive, used by millions to create online backups of their virtual media including documents, photos and videos. However, there really isn’t any cause for concern as it seems like this isn’t exactly a shutdown of the service but more like a restructuring effort by the tech giant.

According to the announcement, support for Google Drive ends on 11th December for PC and Mac while the service will completely stop working on 12th March 2018. But there is no need to be alarmed and rush to purchase physical storage media as the content already uploaded on Google Drive will continue to exist and can be accessed from anywhere.

The discontinuation actually only relates to the desktop application for Google Drive which is used to upload files from your PC to Google’s cloud storage. Google will rebrand Google Drive and introduce Backup and Sync in its place. However, Backup and Sync is only for regular consumers while enterprise users will get another option, Drive File Stream, to backup their data online.

Starting from October, Google Drive users will start seeing warning notifications that the service is being discontinued and they should upgrade to Backup and Sync or Drive File Stream. Backup and Sync can be downloaded from here while Drive File Stream settings will go live on 26th September for enterprise users.

By default, Drive File Stream will be enabled for everyone which is why Google recommends that if enterprise users are using Drive File Stream and Backup and Sync on the same PC, they should turn off Backup and Sync to save storage space. The differences between both services can be seen here.

Once again, in essence both these services will be the same as Google Drive and provide online storage to backup important data. Just the way of uploading that data and the name will be different now.

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