GoPro Has Produced a VR Camera and You Can Lay Your Eyes on It Now

VR GoPro

When it comes to Virtual Reality cameras for the famous camera-making company, GoPro. They have chosen to limit themselves only to the professionals up until now.The CEO of GoPro, Nick Woodman has hinted of a consumer-friendly VR camera in the works but apparently a prototype already exists.

GoPro is making a VR Camera and you can check it out now

This all started with the deal between GoPro and MotoGP where GoPro has now entered a 5-year agreement with MotoGP. Why? because as a Super bike enthusiast and also a MotoGP enthusiast (Valentino Rossi all the way!) I would really love to see the Rossi’s perspective during one of his MotoGP championship races and what better experience would be then in VR. So this deal could mean the development of a surreal experience that would cater to mine and alot of MotoGP fans out their.

Props to GoPro for implying that they might be working on a VR camera for MotoGP in style. It started off with a promo video they launched about two riders who talk about the progression of on-bike cameras and enhancing the experience for others  and then one rider, Dakota talks about he may very well be the first rider to carry a GoPro Virtual Reality camera.

Though all this do point towards the GoPro VR Camera being in the works, their is still no official word but GoPro has all the resources, they have the software and the hardware muscle so the only thing we can do is patiently wait till GoPro deems the right time to unveil their VR camera line-up.

Although don’t hold your breath as GoPro has slated to release two of their major products like the Hero5 this year so a higher chance of them unveiling the VR GoPro is possibly in 2017. Until then, stay tuned for more VR news.

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