How to Fix HTC Vive Error 200 Driver Failed

HTC Vive Error 200 Driver Failed

This guide will show you how to fix HTC Vive Error 200 Driver Failed error. HTC Vive is gradually becoming popular and also a first choice VR Headset for many people who want to experience Virtual Reality for the first time.

But, there are some issues like driver installation, configuration, setting up the VR Headset properly that cause trouble for people who are using HTC Vive for the first time. The problem that we are going to troubleshoot here is the one related to HTC Vive drivers error. The error description is

The OpenVR driver failed. Your permissions may be set incorrectly – make sure you can write to the user directory of your machine.

HTC VIVE Error 200 Driver Failed Fix

Error Indication

You will get this error when you try to start an app or a game with HTC Vive. This error occurs when OpenVR driver fails to load properly. Those of you who don’t know what Open VR is, here’s something for you – it is basically a Software Development Kit (SDK) for developing apps and games for VR Headsets which in this case is the HTC Vive.

Fixing HTC Vive Error 200

The solution that most people said worked for them in solving the OpenVR driver failed issue is that they updated their graphics drivers. So, you also have to download the latest drivers from your GPU’s manufacturer site

For Nvidia Geforce Users

  1. Go to

    Nvidia Geforce Drivers Download
    Nvidia Geforce Drivers Download
  2. There are 3 ways you can update your Nvidia graphics card drivers
    1. Automatic Driver Updates – this will download the Geforce Experience on your PC which you will install and it will automatically keep your GPU drivers up-to-date.
    2. Manual Driver Search – if you know your graphics card series, model and your Windows version, you can choose to manually download the drivers for your graphics card
    3. Auto-Detect Your GPU – if you don’t know the series or model of your Nvidia GPU, you can opt for this option. When you click on “Auto Detect your GPU” button, it will run a Java app that will detect your GPU and then you can download the drivers.

For AMD ATI Radeon Users

  1. Go to

    AMD ATI Radeon Drivers Download
    AMD ATI Radeon Drivers Download
  2. Just like Nvidia Geforce drivers site, you also get 3 options here.
    1. Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver – same procedure like Nvidia drivers option a
    2. Latest AMD Drivers and Software – you get a list of all the latest drivers for different Radeon series along with Windows versions. Choose one that best matches your system.
    3. Manually Select Your Driver – same procedure like Nvidia drivers option b

Alternate way to Fix HTC Vive Error 200

There is another way to fix Error 200. If you have added any file inside the SteamVR drivers directory, remove it. You can sort the files of drivers directory according to the date created so that you can have a better idea if you ever put any file inside the folder.

Once the drivers are downloaded, go to the download folder and install the latest drivers. Hopefully by now, you will be able to solve your HTC Vive Driver issue (Error 200)

If all else fails, you need to send your system report to HTC. If you don’t know how, you can follow our guide on how to send system report to SteamVR mailing list.

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