How to Send System Report to SteamVR Mailing list for Any HTC Vive Error

Sending System Report to SteamVR Mailing list

HTC Vive System Report

There are a lot of technical issues being faced by the early adopters of HTC Vive VR Headset since it’s fairly new in the market and is one of the first VR Headsets to be available to consumers. There are some known HTC Vive Errors that are pretty common among users. We are also trying our best to cover each and every possible error faced by HTC Vive users and try to find the best possible solution for them.

However, a solution might not work for you. There can be several reasons for it.

  • Your system configuration is unique and needs something extra in order for the VR Headset to work properly
  • You have installed the wrong drivers or software. These type of things can only be judged by an expert technical team which can then diagnose the error for your specific system.

In cases where you are stuck with an HTC Vive Error Code and are unable to solve the problem even after following the guides, there is one last thing that you can try and that is to send a System Report to SteamVR mailing list. Valve has created a dedicated email ID where users can report such errors which they are unable to resolve by themselves.

How to send System Report to SteamVR mailing list

Follow the instructions below to send your system report to SteamVR

  1. Open SteamVR and go to Settings.
  2. Click on General if it’s not already selected.
  3. There you will see a button named Create System Report. Click on it.

    SteamVR System Report
    SteamVR System Report
  4. Wait till the system report is generated. It will look something like this.

    HTC Vive System Report
    HTC Vive System Report
  5. Click on Save to File button at the bottom right corner.
  6. Name the report and choose a destination folder where you want to save the report.
  7. Now open your Gmail or any other email account.
  8. Create a new email and attach the SteamVR System Report that you generated in Step 4.
  9. Email it to [email protected]

Now the next step for you is to wait for Valve to reply back to you with a solution to fix your error. There is no timeframe as to when they will reply you back with a proper fix so you just have to wait it out.

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