Humble Bundle September Bundles Offer Great Value For Money With Softwares And More

Humble Bundle, the most popular digital content bundle service on the internet right now, has multiple new bundles available every month. These bundles tend to cater to all sorts of content including software, games, books and mobile apps. While most of the bundles are targeted towards PC audience, occasionally there are some available for console gamers as well. Here we will list down the current, upcoming Humble Bundle September bundles as new ones come in, and old ones are removed.

Humble Bundle September Bundles

Some of the Humble Bundle content is on a weekly rotation basis, with a new bundle appearing every week while others are usually available for purchase for at least 2 weeks. What makes Humble Bundle truly unique is the price/value and the fact that a portion or all of the amount you pay, which you can select for yourself, go to charity. Depending on which tier of bundle the person decides to buy, they get different products although the cheapest tier for $1 also delivers a lot of content.

Game Bundles:

There are currently two PC games related bundles on Humble Bundle with some great offerings for very low prices. These bundles should satisfy the needs of not only those interested in singleplayer games but also those who are interested in a bit of co-op and multiplayer fun.

  1. Hunie Sakura Bundle

A bundle filled with risqué, anime styled games from the Sakura franchise, going up to $10 for 15 games available on Steam.

  1. Jumbo Bundle 9

Arguably the best offering on Humble Bundle right now for gamers as this bundle contains more than $150 worth of games including hit titles like Verdun and Warhammer Vermintide.

Software Bundles:

For creators, there is an amazing Cyberlink Humble Software Bundle available right now with over $700 worth of products included for a price tag of $30. This Humble Bundle September bundle includes photo and video editors like PowerDirector and ActionDirector.

Books Bundle:

Three different offerings are available in the Humble Books Bundle category, each catering to a different field of study.

  1. Adventure Travel

For the outdoorsy folks, these books can be great guides to travelling around the world and visiting unique new places

  1. Data Science

This digital book bundle is a great way to polish up on programming skills with books for Python, Data Analysis and more

  1. Electronics & Programming

A great DIY style book bundle that takes you through the basics of electronics and programming for improved learning

Mobile Bundle:

This android exclusive Humble Mobile Bundle includes 6 games for Android users including Mechanic Escape and Dungeon Rushers.

If these Humble Bundle September bundles aren’t enough, you can also sign up for the Humble Monthly Bundle for $12. Upon signing up, you instantly receive a copy of Rise of the Tomb Raider for Steam while other games included in the bundle will be revealed later. Typically, the offerings in this bundle cost around $200 if bought individually so it is still great value for money.

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