How To Improve Battery Life After Upgrading To iOS 11

While Apple tries to improve battery life of their devices with each new firmware, there have been considerable reports that with iOS 11 update, all Apple devices running the latest firmware are suffering from major battery drainage issues. It seems like the battery on devices running iOS 11 drains at least twice as fast as those running iOS 10 which is quite unnerving when you need your smartphone to last a full day on a single charge. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to improve iOS 11 battery life which doesn’t really require any tech expertise so should be doable by anyone.

We have compiled a number of methods which you can try out to improve battery life of your Apple device after upgrading to iOS 11. In some cases, it might be a trial and error method as not every solution will work for everyone. However, most of these tips to improve iOS 11 battery should be helpful for all sorts of users.

Improve Battery Life After Upgrading to iOS 11

Since the iPhone X isn’t out yet and iPhone 8 and 8 Plus hasn’t been out long enough to be thoroughly tested, the iOS 11 battery drain issues usually come from older iPhone devices. The situation might be different for the latest iPhone models but even if it isn’t, these tips should work for everyone using the latest iOS 11 firmware, irrespective of the device.

Lower Screen Brightness

iOS 11 battery saving

As we mentioned in our Android battery saving tips, most of the times you don’t need brightness higher than 50% on your smartphones thanks to their large and bright screens. For those having issues maintaining their iOS 11 battery for a full day, try reducing the brightness of your Apple device. It is also not a good idea to use Auto-Brightness as usually, it sets the screen brightness to an unusually high amount which isn’t needed and just puts extra load on the battery. To do that in iOS 11, go to Settings, then navigate to Accessibility in General area and then adjust it in Display Accommodations.

Optimize App Settings

iOS 11 battery life improvement

While smartphones are great in a sense that they keep apps running in the background so you can switch between them quickly in need, the background apps also have an impact on the battery life of iOS devices. You can navigate to the Battery section in Settings to see how much battery each app is using and plan your usage better. It might also be a good idea to completely remove some of these apps and look for better alternatives which might not be so battery hungry. To improve things further, you can go to General Settings and then Background App Refresh to disable this setting.

Background App Refresh, while helping apps to work in the background when you need to multitask, can put a serious impact on your iOS 11 battery. You can either disable background app refresh for certain apps which are more power hungry to turn it off for all of them to save battery life across the board.

Disable Connectivity Options

It is well known that Cellular Data drains the battery life of smartphones faster than WiFi and for that very reason, you should use your Cellular Data as little as possible if you want to squeeze out a full day’s worth of battery from your iOS 11 device. Whenever you find a WiFi connection, make sure that you manually turn off Cellular Data. Even though iPhone devices will use WiFi over cellular for internet, just the feature being active in the background and continuing to search for a cellular network connection drains the battery a lot. Similarly, you should also disable other connectivity options you aren’t using such as Bluetooth and Location services. To turn off GPS, go to Settings > Privacy and then Location Services. To turn off the AirDrop feature, just swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone’s screen to view the Control Center and then long press on the connectivity pane to turn Receiving Off on AirDrop.

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If you absolutely have to use the internet on your iOS 11 powered device, you should also look into enabling WiFi Assist. WiFi Assist automatically activates your cellular data when the WiFi connection around you has weak signals. While this may not seem smart but it is still better than the phone wasting battery while trying to connect to a WiFi connection with poor signals. Simply head to Cellular in your Settings and enable WiFi Assist at the bottom.

Miscellaneous Tweaks

Another iOS 11 battery drainer is the option to Wake up the phone whenever it is picked up from a surface. While it is useful to check notifications, just the slightest movement can activate this which isn’t good for your iOS 11 device battery. To fix this, go to Display & Brightness in Settings and disable Raise to Wake. This is highly useful when your phone is in your pocket and you are moving around.

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You can also turn off some other fancy features of to improve iOS 11 battery duration such as disabling widgets including Siri Voice commands. Disabling Siri saves a considerable amount of iOS 11 battery as the device doesn’t have to constantly keep the mic activated to listen to voice commands. Navigate to Siri & Search in Settings and then disable Listen for Hey Siri. Similarly, you can also turn off Siri Suggestions from the same menu to save some more battery.

iOS 11 low power mode


Another great option to improve iOS 11 battery timing is the Low Power Mode. Simply enable Low Power Mode on your iOS 11 devices to disable most of the battery draining activities on your iPhone device. Go to Battery in Settings and then enable Low Power Mode to enable the feature. This reduces screen brightness, disables background activity and location services for certain apps and is an all-rounder one-click solution to help with iOS 11 battery drain issues.

So there you have it, some useful tips on how to Improve Battery Life After Upgrading to iOS 11. While these solutions are for iOS 11 devices, those running on older versions of the firmware can also benefit from these iPhone battery saving tips to squeeze some more hours out of their Apple devices on a single charge. It is a hassle trying to recharge your phone multiple times in a single day, especially when you are traveling or don’t have charging outlets at your workplace. These iOS 11 battery saving tips should prove useful for everyone and as a last resort, you can downgrade from iOS 11 until Apple fixes the battery drain issue on older devices or you can invest in a decent USB power bank.

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