Is Your System Steam VR Ready / SteamVR Performance Test

Here’s how to check if your system is SteamVR ready?

Aperture Robot Repair VR Demo

After the release of the HTC Vive, there is a small number of people who have a VR Ready PC. This number is growing day by day, but still VR PC gaming caters to a small number of PC gamers as of now. The people who are planning and willing to buy HTC Vive VR headset really need to check if their system is SteamVR ready. Steam has released a testing software which makes it easy for you to check if your system is Steam VR ready or not.Called the SteamVR Performance Test,  the test measures the processing and rendering power of the system by rendering a 2-minute sequence of the Aperture Robot Repair VR demo from Valves.

SteamVR Performance Test
SteamVR Performance Test

SteamVR Performance Test

The testing software is available on Steam for free, it is very easy to use and gives a comprehensive test result on whether your PC is able to run VR games at 90 FPS or higher. 90FPS is the optimal frame rate for getting the most immersive VR experience. Follow this tutorial to see how you can test your system:

Step 1: Download and Install Steam VR Performance Test

You will have to download the Steam VR Performance Test software from Steam if you want to check if your system is Steam VR ready. This testing software is available for free and it will test whether your current system is able to play VR games or not for the HTC Vive. Follow these steps to download the Steam VR Performance Test:

  1. Open Steam and log in to your Steam account.
  2. When Steam is opened and you have logged in, click on Store at the top left corner.
  3. In the Store, type Steam VR Performance Test.
  4. From the search results, click on the one matching the name.
  5. After you open the page for Steam VR Performance Test, scroll down and click on Free.
  6. The software will download and install in your Steam library.

This size of this testing software is roughly 4GB, so it will take some time to download and you should have free space in your hard drive for installing it. After Steam VR Performance Test is downloaded and installed, continue to the next steps.

Step 2: Run Steam VR Performance Test

In this step, you will run the Steam VR Performance Test after it has downloaded. Follow these steps:

  1. In your Steam Library, locate Steam VR Performance Test.
  2. When you have located it, click on Play.
  3. As soon as you click on play, the VR test will begin.
  4. The test that will run is a small sequence from Valves Aperture Robot Repair VR demo.
    SteamVR Performance Test Aperture Robot Repair
    SteamVR Performance Test Aperture Robot Repair
  5. You cannot interact with the VR animation and it will only take a few minutes.

After the animation is completed, your SteamVR compatibility test results will be generated and shown to you in a small window. To know what the test results mean, continue to the next step.

Step 3: View SteamVR Performance Test Results

After the SteamVR Performance Test animation is complete, the test results generated will be in a form of a list. The list will show you your system configuration and status whether your PC is ready or not. These are the things the test results show:

  1. A line with colored sections of Not Ready, Capable and Ready. An arrow will be shown somewhere on one of the sections to tell you the status if your PC is Steam VR ready or not.
  2. SteamVR Performance Test Results
    SteamVR Performance Test Results
  3. System Specs will list down your PC’s operating system, graphics card and processor.
  4. Results will explain your test result to you, telling you if your PC is absolutely able to run VR games or not and what measures should be taken to make your PC Steam VR capable.
  5. When you click on Show Details section, it will show several things:
    • A graph to show at what rate the frames were rendering. The line graph can show levels from Low, Medium, High to Very High.
    • Average Quality: A rating or score given to your PC by the test based on the graph mentioned above.
    • Frames Tested: The number of frames that were rendered when the test was running.
    • Frames Below 90 FPS: The number of frames that were rendered below 90FPS. This number should be equal to 0 for the best VR gaming quality.
    • Frames CPU Bound: The number of frames that were delayed by the processor when sending to the graphics card.
  6. SteamVR Performance Test Results Details
    SteamVR Performance Test Results Details

This is a great way on how to check if your system is SteamVR ready. It not only checks the installed hardware in your system, but benchmarks it too by running a VR test. At a glance, you really can’t determine if your PC will run VR games at 90FPS or higher, so the SteamVR Performance Test is the best way to test your PC. For VR games, the frames per second should be 90 or higher otherwise VR will not look as immersive as it should be. Lower FPS and choppy performance can result in headaches or VR sickness.

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  1. Yes it’s steam i believe there a fault with switch box. Until I plug into another pc I won’t no for sure. I’ve redone all the usb ports removed driver and all hubs. I’m very good with computers and I no how usb can be a pain. My motherboard is Msi godlike twin 980ti. Setup is well good to run VR.

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