How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

How To Make Your iPad 2 Faster

Over time, all technology starts to become obsolete and in the case of gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops, this appears in the form of your device slowing down. Apple’s iPad 2 is no exception to that and those who are still using the iPad 2 tablet must have been experiencing slowdowns for quite some time now. However, the good thing is that just because your iPad 2 is slowing down doesn’t mean its useless now as there are still ways to make your iPad 2 faster which we will touch upon in this guide.

Make Your iPad 2 Faster

One big factor in your iPad 2 being slowing down also has to do with your OS and planned obsolescence from Apple themselves in order to push newer devices and realistically, it is difficult to maintain software support for old devices like iPad 2. While the tips below will definitely help you improve iPad 2 performance, it will not 100% bring it back to what it was when you first bought the tablet.

Reduce Motion

For iOS 8 and above, reducing motion puts less of a stress on your iPad 2 processor and helps speed up your iPad 2. If you turn off motion, you will lose fancy animation quality on app and home screen switching but it improves the iPad 2 performance.

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and then tap to turn Reduce Motion On.


Keeping enough storage free on your iPad 2 also helps with the performance. Generally, it is always a good idea to have at least 30-40% of your iPad 2 storage free to help app performances. In order to make your iPad 2 faster, make sure you have a fair amount of storage free and delete any unnecessary apps which you no longer use. To do this, you can use any third-party softwares to clear up temporary and cache files or go to your iPad 2 settings and delete the apps you either no longer need or use.

Reboot your iPad 2

Sometimes simply rebooting your iPad 2 can slightly help with the performance. If you feel things slowing down, there are two types of reboots you can perform to improve iPad 2 performance. First is a soft reboot, simply hold the Power button and then on your iPad 2 screen, move the slider to Off and wait till your iPad 2 powers off.

In order to do a proper hard reboot which might be required if your iPad 2 apps are behaving abnormally, hold down Power and Home button until the Apple logo appears on screen. Once the screen powers off, turn your iPad 2 back on to see any performance changes.

Turn Off Background Services

If you are connected to the internet a lot, there is a possibility that you have background services enabled on your iPad 2 to transfer GPS data, sync location and so on. If you use your iPad 2 at home, there is a high possibility that you don’t need most of these features so it is a good idea to turn them off and improve iPad 2 performance. Simply go to Settings > Privacy and then disable the following options

  • Locations Services: Off
  • Location-Based Ads: Off
  • Share my Location: Off
  • Frequent Locations: Off
  • Fitness Tracking: Off
  • Diagnostics and Usage: Don’t Send
  • Popular Near Me: Off

Reset All Settings

Sometimes, the best way to make your iPad 2 faster is by simply resetting it to default factory settings. This does not delete your files but returns every setting to its factory default so in case you messed up somewhere in there, this might help with iPad 2 performance. Go to General > Reset > Reset All Settings. Once the reset process is done, you might notice some performance improvements.

So there you have it, some useful tips on how to make your iPad 2 faster. Since it is an old device, don’t expect any miracles but in case you are still on old OS version and still notice a drop in performance as compared to before, these tips should help in some way to improve performance, if only slightly. If your Apple device has been updated to iOS 11 and is slowing down, you can check out our guide to improve performance on iOS 11.

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