Matterport Has Acquired Virtual Walkthrough, A VR Tour Company

Matterport buys Virtual Walkthrough

Call it perfect synergy if you may. Matterport, a tech firm which handles the visualization of 3D spaces and converts them into actual VR tours for the public and guess whom they buy? Virtual walkthrough, which deals with 360 degree VR tours. Combining these two recipes. We get a virtual reality firm that can create 360 virtual reality tours in 3D, the immersiveness is strong with this one.


Matterport has bought Virtual Walkthrough, A VR tour company


An excellent move as Matterport already has a very good reach into the science of 3D VR object visualization and Virtual walkthrough, that had developed a platform which could make commercial and residential properties in a VR form with decent precision.

Both companies felt that they complimented each other, in terms of tech and could further enhance their progress within this industry by joining their hands and creating a surreal experience for the public.

Bill Brown, CEO of Matterport talked about the client portfolio that Virtual Walkthrough had and how it benefited them in terms of business goals

Virtual Walkthrough has a tremendous reputation in the UK and Europe, with notable  real estate clients such as CBRE, Hammerson and Keller Williams and travel and hospitality clients such as Marriott and Intercontinental hotels. Virtual Walkthrough is a natural fit for Matterport, in terms of business focus, philosophy, and technology


Matterport will be able to work on it’s goal of providing 360 degree virtual reality tours in 3D to the public soon. With their simple capture camera, virtual reality support, their global support and their research and development division, one can hope that they soon break the barrier to provide 4D VR tours but wishful thinking nonetheless.

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