Microsoft Offering up to $150 off on Xbox One Bundles With a Free Controller

Microsoft Xbox One deal

Microsoft has sliced costs of selected Xbox One console packs, offering rebates going from $50 to $150. As well as the discounts in price, Microsoft is putting forth a second controller and also a game absolutely free with most of its console bundles.

In particular, the Xbox One Kinect Bundle has gotten a $150 value cut, bringing its value down from $499 to $349. The 1TB Xbox One groups, then again, have gotten an $80 value cut, while the 500GB packs have been reduced by $50. A free game and the second controller comes along with the following bundles: Xbox One 1TB Spring bundle, the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Bundle, Xbox One Gears of War Ultimate Edition Bundle and many more. Microsoft is also offering Xbox One digital TV tuner bundle at $373.98 for a limited time only.

So, grab your Xbox One console now before the discount expires. For information about the Xbox One gaming bundles, go here.

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