Oculus Home 1.6 Update Provides Us With The Much Awaited Automatic App Update Feature

Oculus Home 1.6

Oculus has come out with the update 1.6 for it’s Oculus Home, the distribution platform for their product where you can access the library, settings,apps and much more. As an emerging VR company, Oculus is constantly listening to consumer feedback and take those into account when they develop those said updates.

New Oculus Home Update Provides Automatic app Update

This update has two important aspects to it. The first is Automatic app downloads, previous to this, users had to download app updates manually. Imagine you come back home after a tiring day but you still muster enough strength to immerse yourself in your Oculus Virtual Reality gear only to be blocked out because you still need to download some necessary update.

With VR still being a new emerging technology, this would mean that there is tonne of space for improvements and the only way that can happen is via app updates. So you can well imagine this becomes a bother, fortunately for us, Oculus realized our troubles and provided seamless app update downloading so that once you reach home, all the necessary updates have been downloaded in your absence. Not too shabby, Oculus.

Furthermore, the 2nd aspect about this update is Bandwidth limits. Took me a while to wrap my head around this. As you may know, bandwidth limit means slowing down your download speeds which results in increased time in downloading updates but then I figured. It could be for people with ISPs (Internet service providers) that have bandwidth limit on how much you can download. So this limiter helps you in benfiting from downloads while at the same time, being cautious of not being overcharged by your ISP due to breaching your bandwidth limit.

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