Petrolheads Can Now Enjoy Autoblogs New VR App

Autoblog VR app

While we are all well aware of how Virtual Reality is being picked up and used by so many different brands,firms and entities that it shows that we are slowly being ushered into a new generation of technology that might become a minor or even major part of our lives. Motorcar specialist Autoblog saw this and so has launched it’s new VR app which will show reviews and stories in pure 360-degree immersive bliss.


Autoblog Allows Petrolheads To Experience Its New VR App


So what does this new app has to offer ? Well so far, Autoblog only provides 10 videos which belong to a few catagories. These are, Automaker, Environment, Location and Host and each of these provide an immersive video if you happen to select from any of these.

So if you happen to select, say automaker then that theme will disperse into brands of selected car manufacturers. Currently they have Bentley with their Continental GTC, Ford Mustang’s Ecoboost, Jeep wrangler Trailcat and Ferrari’s electric 308 and last but not least, Tesla S P90D.

The Autoblog VR app works in such a way that you can view the 360-degree videos given that you have a working internet connection. If you do not have an internet connection at that moment, you can put videos on queue for download. If you are connected to the internet then you can stream directly with your head-mounted display, moving your smartphone around or simply by using the Google Cardboard mode and put your mobile phone in the device and sit back and enjoy some VR car content. The app is free to download on android and iOS so do check your appstores for the Autoblog VR app.

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