Pokemon Go Involved in Armed Robbery Spree

Pokemon Go Involved in Armed Robbery Spree

Pokemon Go

The Police Force in O’Fallon, Missouri are investigating a series of armed robberies that are believed to be carried out by robbers who used the Pokemon Go smartphone app to lure their victims into their trap.

Pokemon Go Involved in Armed Robbery Spree

Police has already arrested four suspects who are accused of using Pokemon Go to perform a series of armed robberies over the past few days in St. Louis and St. Charles counties. Police found these suspects near the Highway K and Feise Road intersection in O’Fallon after a victom reported an armed robbery at that point.

According to the Police,

Apparently they were using the app to locate ppl standing around in the middle of a parking lot or whatever other location they were in

The robbers used the Pokemon Go Augmented Reality app to place a beacon to a pokestop. Pokestop is a real-world location in Pokemon Go where different players travel to collect items after batteling with a creature left behind by another trainer on that location.

O’Fallon P.D. advised to the users of the Pokemon Go app that they should use caution when telling their location where they will be to a complete stranger on the app. P.D. also said that parents should take care of their children if they also play the Pokemon Go game.

Meanwhile, a Pokemon Go player found a dead body in the Wyoming River while she was looking for a Pokestop.

Pokemon Go is currently the most popular Augmented Reality app on smartphones and currently ranks at number 1 spot in US, Australia and New Zealand after few days of its launch. Based on the popular Pokemon anime, Pokemon Go allow users to have their own Pokemons that they can train to battle with other Pokemons who appear in the real word.

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