iPhone 8 Names: What Will The New Apple Smartphone Be Called?

iPhone 8 names

Apple is gearing up to announce its next iteration of iPhone and as is the case every year, there is a lot of hype and buzz surrounding the upcoming event. While there is no doubt that a new smartphone is coming, one thing which can’t be agreed upon by the eager fans are the iPhone 8 names which Apple will adopt for this device.

There are a number of rumors surrounding various names and specifications of the smartphone which will be unveiled later this month. Some of these rumors are more credible than others with a decent amount of backing to them through leaks and industry insiders with knowledge and sources. Here is a list of the possible iPhone 8 names which are expected to be used by the tech giant.

Possible iPhone 8 Names

iPhone 8:

This is by far the most obvious name which can be used for the new smartphone considering the past naming schemes Apple has gone with: iPhone, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and the previous iteration iPhone 7. However, there are a lot of things that suggest this is also the least likely of the iPhone names which will be used simply because of the company’s annual release schedule which a few years down the line would be giving us names like iPhone 13. It is high time the company shook things up when it comes to naming their smartphone.

iPhone Pro:

This isn’t really a popular choice but is supported by Apple’s trend of naming their products in a similar fashion such as MacBook Pro and iMac Pro. Known Apple Blogger John Gruber also lent weight to this iPhone 8 name suggesting the iPhone Pro or even iPhone 8 Pro is a high possibility when naming the upcoming smartphone. While he also hinted at some other possible name combinations such as the iPhone Plus and iPhone 8 Plus, those names seem unlikely for now. It is possible that these names might be used for the next refresh of the phone like Apple has done in the past for other phones such as iPhone 6, 6S and 6s Plus.

iPhone Edition:

One of the most popular suggested names out there backed by a lot of leaks and evidence, iPhone Edition is really high up in the running for iPhone 8 names. Earlier this month, some phone case makers hinted that the phone will use this name and were ready to start making merchandise for similarly named phone. There have been a lot of other rumors which support the iPhone Edition name, some of them dating back months. Considering the next iPhone is expected to be a high-end device with a price tag of above $1000, Apple’s history of adding Edition to their high-end products also supports this name. After all, they did name the golden Apple watch as Apple Watch Edition.

iPhone X:

iPhone X Evan Blass

Another highly popular name choice backed up with a lot of reports is that Apple will completely ditch the normal numbering mode and instead jump straight to the name of iPhone X. A Dutch news site mentioned that one of their reliable sources has revealed that this will be the name used by the next iteration of Apple’s smartphone. So why the X instead of 8? Well that might have to do with the fact that this year happens to be iPhone’s 10th anniversary which could be why Apple decided to skip a few numbers and opted for the roman number X which means 10.

This possible iPhone 8 name is also strengthened by other sources including Evan Blass, a reliable journalist well known for tech leaks who also mentioned that he has heard the name iPhone X. An argument can be made that Apple might be looking to ditch the X from their product names like they switched away from MacOS X but it seems pretty weak in front of other evidence.

iPhone X Edition:

iPhone X Edition

This mashup of two of the popular possible iPhone 8 names, while seems unlikely but has some recent evidence supporting its claim. A leaked image on Chinese social media website Weibo revealed some of the new iPhone SKUs which mentioned the new smartphone devices with the name iPhone X Edition and their possible storage sizes of 128GB and 256GB.

So there you have it, a list of the possible iPhone 8 names which Apple is most likely to use for their next flagship phone. Whatever final name the smartphone manufacturer decides upon for its next iteration, from one of these highly possible iPhone 8 names, we won’t know for sure until the actual announcement event which is expected to take place next week. Reports suggest that the phone will be available to pre order starting on 15th September while the launch will be on 22nd September, just one week later.

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