How To – HTC Vive Controller Repair

HTC Vive controller repair

While the HTC Vive controllers aren’t exactly fragile and can take a bit of bump, after all, they are meant for motion gaming, sometimes if you hit your HTC Vive controller a bit too hard against a table or a wall by accident, the controller’s tracking sensor or haptic feedback can get damaged. Before dropping a huge sum of money on a new HTC Vive touch controller or sending it to a shop for repair, there is a possibility that you might be able to fix it yourself. This guide will help you with the HTC Vive controller repair process if you are tech savvy enough to do this job yourself.

HTC Vive Controller Repair

As mentioned earlier, the process of HTC Vive controller repair can require a bit of tech expertise so those who are handy with gadgets and tools should only attempt the following things. Repairing the HTC Vive controller also requires you to actually open up the device which can void your warranty so make sure you are ok with that.

Before starting the process of HTC Vive controller repair, you should start by gathering some tools and essentials needed for the job. There is a possibility you might not have everything at home so will need to purchase some tools but it is useful in the long run should you need them for repairs ever again.

Tools Needed

  • Phillips Torx Screwdriver T5 with a long head.
  • Cross Screwdriver, smallest possible head, usually #0.
  • Rapid Glue.

HTC Vive Tracker Repair

  1. Start by removing the screws at the bottom of your controller with the T5 screwdriver.HTC Vive controller repair
  2. Remove the two screws on the underside of the sensor ring and one under the warranty seal. Keep in mind removing this screw will damage the seal and void your controller warranty. However, since the HTC Vive controller warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage, you shouldn’t need it anyway.HTC Vive controller repair
  3. Remove the top side of the controller’s sensor sing to reveal three silver screws that need to be removed using the 0-point screwdriver.
  4. At the bottom of the sensor ring, there will be two more screws, remove them using the Torx screwdriver.
  5. Gently peel the top cover off the Vive controller, making sure you don’t damage the three ribbon cables connecting the top and the bottom.
  6. At the underside of the trackpad will be two screws holding it together and nearby. It’s the place where the rubber button should be (circled in green).
  7. Put some rapid glue in the place where the rubber button is supposed to be. Then put the rubber button on top of the glue to let it get fixed in place.
  8. Reassemble the controller. Make sure that the rubber button doesn’t shift from its place and you don’t miss out any screws.

HTC Vive Controller Actuator Repair

If for some reason your Vive controller’s actuator is messed up. And it affects the haptic feedback. Or your controller randomly starts vibrating, simply follow the steps to open up your HTC Vive controller.

  1. Detach the ribbon cables so they don’t get in the way but carefully so that you don’t damage them.
  2. The actuator is located next to the trackpad backing so it should be easy to find.HTC Vive actuator repair
  3. Remove the actuator carefully, clean it up lightly and then put it back in carefully.
  4. Test the controller again to see if haptic feedback is improved.
  5. If the controller still behaves weird, you might need to reseat the actuator. This could take a number of times, in the same slot. This is mostly a trial and error kind of situation.

If followed correctly, the HTC Vive controller repair guide should help fix the HTC Vive tracking issue. And clicking of your trackpad. Initially, the clicking sound might seem a bit loud. But once parts settle back in again, the controller will be back as if it is new. For some reason, if you still encounter Vive controller tracking issues, it is possible that the controller is not at fault so check out our guide on how to fix HTC Vive tracking. The actuator issue is a less common problem but if you face it, the above steps should help.

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