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As every year, Samsung has started its new year with its brand new flagship phones, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. Following much of the similar design features to the Galaxy S6, the Galaxy S7 improves on much of the problems that surfaced in the Galaxy S6. Samsung looks to address the issues of the people that were raised when the Galaxy S6 was launched by rolling out its new flagship device, the Galaxy S7.

Now, there are a lot of people who still doesn’t know much about Galaxy S7. Here, in this article, we are going to take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S7 and see what Samsung has introduced in its new flagship device. So, without further ado, here is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Review. We have also covered the Galaxy S7 Edge review that you can read if you are looking for a review of the Galaxy Edge version of S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review by TwentyNext


Galaxy S7 review
Galaxy S7 review

With the Galaxy S7, Samsung has proved that they are the best at designing a premium phone. Samsung has learned a lot since the Galaxy S6 and has shown improvement with the S7. Following much of the same design as last year, ditching the back flat glass panel with a slightly curved glass from the sides is a very good decision for the Galaxy S7. Holding the phone was very easier for me because the curved sides on the back and the thicker build prevented the phone from slipping from my hands. Samsung has also reduced the camera hump from the S6 and now the phone sits perfectly on a flat surface. The Galaxy S7 sports a 5.1” screen that in my opinion is the optimal size for a smartphone because it’s not too big and not too small.

The phone comes in white, black, gold and silver and all of them stunning on the Galaxy S7. I like the Galaxy S7 in black and just looking at the phone makes me think that no other phone has such an awesome design and Samsung has done an awesome job to make it that way.


Galaxy S7 volume keys
Galaxy S7 volume keys

As always, Samsung packs the top of the line hardware in its flagship phones and I think this year the Galaxy S7 has packed everything to compete with the Apple iPhone 6S. With a fast octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM, the Galaxy S7 is almost lag free but for me there was no lag and the phone performed smoothly and almost every app I tried opened quickly including the camera app. I’m not a fan of mobile games, but I would like to raise the point that there are not many apps available which would make use of the high-end hardware included in the Galaxy S7. A good thing to see is the return of the micro SD card slot which was missing in the Galaxy S6 and was disappointing for some people.

I have always been a fan of Samsung’s AMOLED screens and it looks beautiful on the Galaxy S7 with the quad HD resolution which brings out the colors of almost everything on the screen. Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t have a IR blaster which for me is not a big deal, but the absence of a USB Type-C is not impressive for a smartphone in 2016 where almost all other Android flagship phones are adopting this feature.


Galaxy S7 software
Galaxy S7 software

I have never been a big fan of Samsung’s TouchWiz, but this time on the Galaxy S7 and Android 6.0, there are a lot of improvements in terms of both design and performance. TouchWiz works flawlessly smooth with the octa-core processor to make the transitions, animations and the over user experience excellent. Following the Note 5, the Galaxy S7 also has the Always On feature, which is a very useful addition.

But we still do not know what will happen in the years to come as updates are released for this phone because I heard complaints of the Galaxy S6 performing sluggish due to new updates. Believe me, Samsung is not good at updating phones, a main reason why I shifted to the LG Nexus 5 as my daily usage phone.


Galaxy S7 camera
Galaxy S7 camera

With a reduced camera hump and with lesser pixels than the Galaxy S6, the 12 MP camera on the Galaxy S7 is still as awesome as before. I have always been envious of iPhone’s camera, but this time the camera on the Galaxy S7 is at par with the iPhone 6S. The result in low light and bright scenes is exquisite and brings out each and every detail in the pictures due to the new “Dual Pixel” sensor technology. The camera app is very fast at launch and very fast to focus on an object.

Battery Life

Galaxy S7 battery
Galaxy S7 battery

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has bigger battery than the Galaxy S6 but it’s still non-removable which is not a big problem for me unless I have to repair it. I thought a bigger 3000mAh battery would work more than a day, but it didn’t. I have seen this with every Galaxy phone. The best solution to save battery power would be to reduce cellular data and Wi-Fi usage and remove apps that tend to drain battery like the Facebook app.

The Cons

  • Under this heading I will highlight the cons of the Samsung Galaxy S7 which most people don’t think about but they tend to get very annoying after repeating most of them in every new phone every year.
  • First, the glass panels on the phone attract too much grease. It takes more time cleaning the phone than actually using it. Using a protective cover on both the front and back surfaces is recommended.
  • Second, Samsung should learn from other companies to follow the Nexus system button layout. Back button on the left and app switcher on the right, not the other way around.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S7 with its ups and downs is a very enjoyable phone and definitely a worthy upgrade from the Galaxy S6. Stepping back to a thicker build has been a good decision for this phone in terms of usability. So far, there are no “big” drawbacks in the Galaxy S7 and I would surely recommend getting this phone if you have a good-enough budget.

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