Samsung Gear VR Review – Virtual Reality Headset Powered by Oculus

Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung has joined forces with Oculus to bring virtual reality to the smartphone level. Keeping in view the portability of a smartphone, Samsung and Oculus have come up with the Samsung Gear VR. A cheaper VR headset which delivers excellent VR entertainment in a light and portable package. You can play super immersive games and watch 360 degree videos and you won’t miss any of the action. Here is the complete review of the Samsung Gear VR:


Samsung Gear VR Review



The Samsung Gear VR looks perfectly designed by Samsung and Oculus by keeping in mind, the requirement for portability. Because of this, the headset is light and has soft foam padding around the eyes and at the nose bridge which makes the Gear VR very comfortable to wear. The straps are made of Velcro, instead of the plastic around the head straps, so the headset is very easy to wear.

Setting up the Samsung Galaxy VR is extremely easy. A Samsung phone fits in front of the Gear VR headset and is connected with the headset through the micro USB port of the phone. The phone fits in place with the help of two clips on the left and right of the headset. Once the phone is fitted, the Oculus Home app launches unless you have not already installed it, in that case the app will download first.

The controls of the Gear VR are on the right of the headset. These controls consist of a directional touch pad and a volume rocker. The controls are contoured so that you don’t miss them when using them, you’ll always know where they are which is the best thing about this headset.

The Samsung Gear VR has its own accelerometer and proximity sensor so that the phone does not drain its battery too much by using its own sensors along with rendering the graphics. But that is not very helpful since the headset is already making the phone drain too much of its battery life.

Samsung Gear VR 2016


As soon as you connect a phone with the headset, the Oculus Home app will launch automatically where you can move around and view the Home and also the apps you have installed along with the Oculus Store. Due to the sudden abundance of VR developers, the Oculus Store contains over 100 apps with many more to come, so there are a lot of apps you can enjoy.

The display quality of the Gear VR is not very great. Since the phone’s screen is right on your eyes, there is screen door effect just like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive have. But this screen door effect was not noticeable once I was playing games and watching videos in a 360 theater. The screen door effect was still there, but it wasn’t bothering anymore.

Using the Gear VR for longer periods of time can lead to motion induced sickness. Using the Gear VR is very enjoyable, but people more susceptible to motion sickness can have a problem and should take off the headset after a few minutes of using.

The Pros

Samsung Gear VR is very easy to setup, you just need to install the Oculus Home app and fit your compatible phone in the headset and you are good to go.

There are a wide variety of games and apps in the Oculus Store, so you won’t be missing out on anything the Gear VR has to offer.

The biggest pro about the Gear VR is the price. At just $99, it’s the cheapest VR headset available.

The Cons

Being a Samsung product, the Samsung Gear VR is only compatible with Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge and the Galaxy Note 5, so it won’t work with any other phone.

Everyone knows that a smartphone can’t provide the gaming experience a PC or console does, neither does the Samsung Gear VR provide the same experience as the Oculus Rift. But this does not mean that the Gear VR isn’t good to enjoy VR.

The Samsung Gear VR drains the battery of a phone very quickly, since it’s the phone rendering all the graphics instead of a PC like for the Oculus Rift.

Samsung Gear VR Final Verdict

Final Verdict

The Samsung Gear VR is offers a lot of the features a smartphone can perform in the VR department. With a long list of games and apps to choose from, you won’t get bored and with the $99 price tag, you would certainly want to get in to enjoy the VR experience.

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